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All Multihog models are manufactured in the Republic of Ireland with emphasis on a robust and reliable build, product development and innovative customer focused solutions.

The multi-purpose concept designed with each Multihog in mind masters the fine balance of interchangeability of attachments whilst matching or exceeding the performance of every piece of equipment that it can replace.

This enables organisations to tackle a diverse range of maintenance tasks using the same machine all-year-round for 100% utilisation which proves very cost effective and productive.

From an extensive range of road maintenance to street cleansing, drainage and pumping tasks as well as horticultural, forestry and winter maintenance applications.

The core aim is to maximise customer value whilst minimising waste, simply creating more value for customers with fewer resources: One Machine, One Driver, Endless Applications.

To find out what the Multihog can mean for you get in touch today to determine tomorrow, after all innovative thinking requires innovative action and we aim to work with you to identify opportunities for improvement to support the change you need.

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