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  • New CX Range
  • Horticultural maintenance
  • Road maintenance
  • Drainage and pumping
  • Winter maintenance
  • Year round use
  • Cleansing

Multihog.­co.­uk - One Machine, One Driver, Endless Applications

All Multihog models are manufactured in the Republic of Ireland with emphasis on a robust and reliable build, product development and innovative customer focused solutions.

The multi-purpose concept designed with each Multihog in mind masters the fine balance of interchangeability of attachments whilst matching or exceeding the performance of every piece of equipment that it can replace.

This enables organisations to tackle a diverse range of maintenance tasks using the same machine all-year-round for 100% utilisation which proves very cost effective and productive.

From an extensive range of road maintenance to street cleansing, drainage and pumping tasks as well as horticultural, forestry and winter maintenance applications.

The core aim is to maximise customer value whilst minimising waste, simply creating more value for customers with fewer resources: One Machine, One Driver, Endless Applications.

To find out what the Multihog can mean for you get in touch today to determine tomorrow, after all innovative thinking requires innovative action and we aim to work with you to identify opportunities for improvement to support the change you need.

Latest news

  • hive_desktop_logo

    Multihog winners at local business awards

    Congratulations are in order for Multihog, who won the award for Innovation at Blackburn with Darwen’s HIVE Business Awards. The event was held at Blackburn Cathedral and saw local business’s come together and celebrate each other’s success.
  • bedford borough council logo

    Bedford Borough Council- “Multihog” on mission to eliminate potholes

    A new beast is being unleashed on the roads of Bedford to tackle the problem of potholes. The machine - a “Multihog” - is a multi-puropose vehicle that can plane and sweep between 100 and 150 square metres of road surface a day. Specialist attachments can also be bolted on enabling it to…
  • Multihog_Snow-050

    Cold Comfort calling

    Meet the Multihog team and machine at Cold Comfort on the 18-19th May in Manchester with a range of Multihog events confirmed for the conference
  • Durham's Multihog with Snow Blower

    Wise winter approach maximises resource whilst minimising costs

    High achievers for highway maintenance efficiency replace another dedicated snow blower with the adaptable Multihog, achieving all year utilisation
  • Ringway's Multihog

    Ringway’s Multihog should save costs for contractor and client in Worcester

    With a view to offsetting hire costs of traditional 350mm and 500mm specialist planer equipment, Ringway arranged to showcase their Multihog machine to Worcestershire County Council to highlight the machine’s productivity and performance with the road planer attachment.
  • Sweeper front

    Multihog accredited for its clean sweep

    Multihog have achieved accreditation for their rear demountable Suction Sweeper following independent EUnited PM10-Testing carried out in Germany.
    The EUnited PM-Test is acknowledged as the European reference for the performance of road sweepers with regard to dust particulates and…
  • CX range ready for roadshows

    Multihog's new CX range is set to be showcased across the UK with live trail dates being confirmed across the month of April
  • Nottinghamshire County Council Customer

    Not­tin­gha­mshi­re County Council- More Multihogs are a sure sign hedge cutting couldn’t be safer

    Cutting costs, time and traffic management as well as verges couldn’t be easier for Nottinghamshire County Council with the recent move for three of the latest Multihog MX models with a variety of attachments.
  • amey logo

    Multi-purpose approach helps lower costs on Amey’s high-speed network

    Amey’s Multihogs provide an all-seasonal solution for snow blowing, flail and bank mowing as well as permanent patching repairs on the Scottish Trunk Road South East (STRU SE) & M8 network, doing more, for less, more effectively
  • IMG_4547

    Multihog’s special delivery for DHL

    Logistics giant DHL has recently acquired three Multihogs for East Midlands Airport, which is its main hub for airfreight in the UK and Ireland. DHL’s fleet of 23 aircraft operates from 8pm to 4am, so the ability to react quickly to adverse weather conditions is crucial to keep logistics on…
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