MultEvo Ltd / The Multihog multi-purpose utility vehicle can be used all year round for highway, winter, street cleaning, horticultural maintenance tasks
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Hogstory - how it all began

Multihog’s founder and designer, Jim McAdam, gained experience as the co-owner and designer of the Moffett Mounty. They’re the transportable forklifts which you might have seen attached to the back of Lorries.

Jim originally set out to develop a multi-purpose machine having established the need for a compact vehicle to cut the grass on the hilly ground of his home in Ireland; however by 2008 this personal mission had gained momentum with the first production ready Multihogs available in May of 2010.

Having been approached by the manufacturers due to their exceptional experience and success in the specialist plant sector Nick Carter and Nick Leadley established Multihog UK Ltd to supply and support the UK marketplace with the multi-purpose innovation. 

"When we saw a demo of the Multihog we realised that this was the niche machine we needed"

David Hepworth, Highways Delivery Manager, Rotherham MBC

Rotherham MBC (David Hepworth -Orange) - Translinc - May Gurney (Stephen Tindall - Yellow) Multihog UK Ltd (Nick Leadley - Yellow Vest) (6)

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