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One of the UK’s leading public services providers, Amey, has taken delivery of two Multihog implement carriers which are now in operation across North Lanarkshire’s 1500 km network of carriageways. The Multihogs were acquired to enable Amey to offer a more cost effective, versatile and sustainable programme of highway maintenance and winter clearance.    

Amey employs over 2,000 people in Scotland across 11 offices and depots and achieves a turnover of approximately £100m annually. Working in partnership with North Lanarkshire Council, Amey has been delivering roads, street lighting and winter maintenance services in the area for almost 11 years. 

Just weeks after the Multihogs were put into operation Scotland’s fourth largest local authority had good reason to be thankful for their all seasonal capabilities. Following patch planing in unusually warm temperatures of over 20º, the front mounted snow plough and rear gritter attachments were needed days later to clear snow and ice after a cold snap.

Amey’s Principal Construction Manager Gerry Kennedy and Business Development Manager Andy Bowers originally came across the Multihog at an exhibition focusing on winter maintenance and were struck by its potential for multi-tasking. “We realised that if we could use the base unit in conjunction with a planer attachment as well as winter resilience kit it would be just what we were looking for,” says Gerry. “As Multihog was planning to add further applications to its remit this resulted in the development of a planer prototype which amazed even our most experienced people with its performance when trialled.”

The powerful attachment can plane the road surface 400mm wide down to a depth of 125mm. As it is operated from within the cab it eliminates the risks associated with traditional methods of patch planing using jackhammers and compressor units. This perfectly accords with Amey’s policy of easing the strain on operators by reducing manual handling. Not only is the procedure much safer, it is also quicker and “greener” as Andy explains: “We were averaging 40m² a day and we can easily do at least double this area now. The quality of the material arising from the planing procedure is such that we should soon be able to recycle it as a granular product to replace type 1 material. This is obviously better for the environment as it reduces landfill and the need for quarrying.”

The compact and articulated design of the 90 hp Multihog base unit comes into its own when snow clearing and gritting need to be carried out in confined residential areas such as estates and cul-de-sacs. It easily manoeuvres around parked cars and other obstacles to clear areas that would be inaccessible for larger equipment. 

 Gordon Wilson, account director, Amey said: “The Multihog has enabled Amey to increase productivity, become more cost effective for our client and be better prepared for the winter months.”

 He added: “We were impressed with the professionalism and customer care provided to Amey from the Multihog sales and engineering team who pulled out all the stops throughout the project.”

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