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Birmingham Airport- Birmingham re-hire to avoid being caught in the cold

Birmingham Airport have beaten the winter rush and placed an order for a Multihog vehicle with Snow Brush attachment to provide them with the extra resilience during the winter months, having hired a Multihog in previous years.

The multi-purpose machine which operates in many of the UK’s airports across the UK has proven experience providing head of stand clearance, as well as other airside and landside duties, with Heathrow Airport’s landside contractor Mitie taking delivery of 4 units earlier this year.

Multihog UK (only formed in late 2010) have over 100 machines operating across the UK, with it clear there is a universal drive from both airports and local authorities to acquire a multi-purpose vehicle which will allow their budgets to stretch further when carrying out yearlong maintenance.

The costs associated with airport closures across the UK are no secret and with that in mind Birmingham took up the option to secure one of Multihog UK’s fleet vehicles, providing them with extra protection at minimal costs.

With the previous relatively mild winters Birmingham were still keen to put in place the necessary measures should Mother Nature spring a surprise and they can now take great confidence knowing that they have preparations in place prior to the winter months.

With continuous development of new attachments, which most recently include; a Suction Sweeper, Rotary Mower and Suction Unit Combi, Runway Light Cleaner and Glycol Recoverer, the Multihog’s capabilities continue to grow along with its popularity within the UK’s airports.

“We are delighted to have the addition of the Multihog in our winter operations fleet – we are committed to continuously enhancing our winter disruption capability and the new machine provides much needed flexibility and agility when snow clearing in and around the ramp”             

Rob Cooke, Head of Aerodrome Operations at Birmingham Airport

To hear how you can beat the winter rush and add extra resilience at minimal cost call 01254 703212.

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