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Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council- Improved work rates and 25% savings per m² of repair

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The Multihog saves Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council 25% per m² of repair, increasing productivity in the process

During 2014 Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council hired in a Multihog multi-purpose implement carrier vehicle with a patch planer attachment to support the Network Recovery 2014-15 road patching programme. Since the introduction of the Multihog planer positive results have been achieved with increased productivity and an impressive overall saving of around 25% per m² of repair in comparison to previous methods of working- subsequently leading to an extended hire period.

Improved productivity

The Multihog is predominantly used for the larger planned patching works within the Council’s operations and this can include working on several locations on a daily basis. Highways Operations Manager Les Smith credits the unit’s road legality and flexibility as one of the key contributors to its productivity.

Whereas other methods may require the loading and unloading of conventional planing machines on each site, the Multihog can be driven independently from one location to another at an impressive speed of 40 km/hr as a self-contained unit, reducing costs associated with extra support vehicles and minimising downtime. It is also worth mentioning that Multihog operators do not require specialist licenses to operate i.e. HGV.

Safety first

The Multihog also contributes to safer working practices within the industry by significantly removing exposure to Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) commonly associated with jackhammer style methods. The unit’s ability to side shift the planer head allows a straightforward operation for planing out adjacent areas such as kerb lines, walls and ironwork and the flexibility of the machine cuts a vertical edge even in restricted working areas.  The precise cutting out achieved by the planer and the elimination of bounce ensures longitudinal and transverse joints are cut vertical and the patch is ready to be in filled without the need to trim and prepare the edges.

For tough surfaces

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council made use of the hire initiative of locally based Multihog UK Ltd., having seen the success of the Multihog system in numerous other local authorities across the country. The hydraulically operated unit generates a level of power output that enables it to offer unrivalled productivity to tackle even the hardest of surfaces. Unlike other planer units which struggle with tougher surfaces such as HRA, the Multihog can tear through this, generating a degree of planings that can be recycled as type 2 infill materials.

A “Fix First Time” approach

The Multihog tackles the patches underlying cracks and consequently ensures that a “fix first time” approach is achieved, in contrast to other semi-permanent methods, which simply fill the defected area whilst not addressing the causal issue.  This has meant that there have been no repeat visits to recently repaired sites.

The Comfy Jumper effect

As the Multihog challenged conventional methods previously implemented, Multihog UK worked in partnership alongside Les Smith and the Highways team to ensure a smooth implementation of the system including the provision of a Multihog trained operator.  The Multihog is now operational on a daily basis and continues to pay dividends with its proven positive impact on the networks road patching programme within the Borough.

Les Smith’s shrewd management of the setup means that very little supervision is required, with the Multihog operating as a self-contained unit that includes a road sweeper plus traffic management crew. This fine-tuned operation allows for maximum efficiency and productivity to be achieved on both urban and rural roads. Multihog are also on hand to provide support to the Boroughs out of hours emergency service as part of the partnering arrangement.

Yearlong Maintenance

The Multihog’s versatility has been one of the key benefits for the Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council; its ability to manoeuvre in urban environments, along narrow carriageways and in areas around parked vehicles enables it to work in areas inaccessible to other types of plant, resulting in minimum disruption to the travelling public in the process.

In addition to the road planer, a salt spreading and plough attachment were also used during winter periods to treat areas where it would have been unsafe to use larger units. The vehicle’s low centre of gravity and compact build make it ideal for locations which would otherwise be vulnerable in bad weather.  A key example was at a local school where the Multihog was able to grit the surrounding areas, playgrounds and car parks ensuring that it could remain open despite the severe winter conditions.

The Council is now looking to add to the Multihog’s remit and is exploring the use of other horticultural and forestry attachments which will further enhance the machine’s cost-effectiveness- with grounds maintenance utilising the Multihog once it has carried out its highways duties to carry out stump grinding and flail mowing.


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