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Bristol hedges its bets with Multihog

Multihog Bristol Airport with snow brush and gritter

Bristol Airport increase attachments for their Multihog's, enabling the unit's to de-ice, grit,  clear snow and mow

Bristol Airport was one of the first airports in the UK to take delivery of a Multihog – two in fact – and it has been using its MH90 models for a number of years. Kitted out with front mounted snow plough and snow brush attachments and de-icing tanks on the rear they were initially brought in for winter clearance around aircraft stands. A third MH90 base unit has since been acquired together with a snow brush attachment and a rear mounted gritter unit.

Adapting to change

With the relatively mild weather in the last couple of years the Multihogs have seen less action in the winter seasons, but a further attachment has widened the scope of applications, both airside and landside, when the threat of bad weather has subsided.

Due to the countryside location of the airport, the perimeter fence is bordered by hedges and to keep these in check during the hedge cutting season the maintenance team opted for a demountable flail arm mower attachment for their Multihog's. The attachment fits to the front of the vehicle which offers enhanced operator visibility and safety incomparison to tractor rear mounted arm mowers.

The mower is also designed for coping with rough grass and mows the large areas of grass around the edges of the airport as well as the embankments. “When we first looked at the Multihogs we realised that we could do more than just snow and ice clearance with them, and this new attachment stops them sitting idle for other months of the year,” said Martin Fisher, Bristol Airport’s senior motor transport engineer.

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