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Tameside MBC - Multihog planer and sweeper setup is safer, speedier and cost-saving

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Ian Evans, Environmental Services Manager at Tameside MBC and APSE representative for the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) steering group project to 'Reduce ill health in paving, road and highway work’ highlights the operational advantages of the Multihog

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council are the latest local authority to invest in the road legal, multi-purpose Multihog, complete with Patch Planer and Suction Sweeper attachments in order to aid highway network recovery- having traditionally repaired the many thousands of potholes through manual labour methods.

The bespoke maintenance machine which accepts interchangeable attachments to the front and rear, has a proven record for enhancing efficiency of local authority, airport and contracting firm’s maintenance programmes- with over 100 machines now operating across the UK as the company gears up for its 5 year anniversary.

The innovative setup will now enable a single operator the ability to plane a road defect, sweep the debris created, tip and move on to the next site- all from the comfort of the air conditioned cab which boasts 360 degree visibility.

When not tackling the Councils road network residents may well see the Hungry Hog in operation across the Borough’s footways, with the unit’s compact size and articulated design making it more than suitable for addressing footway defects which is a growing concern amongst highway bosses.

The advanced Suction Sweeper attachment will also possess the ability to act as a street sweeper unit (with front or rear demountable brushes), a gully cleaner or heavy duty litter collector through the handheld wander hose facility it boasts.

Preventing potential health & safety issues - hand and arm vibration, noise, dust and manual handling

Tameside Council are a local authority committed to the health, safety and welfare of their highway operatives are constantly looking at ways to improve their operational ways of working with a brand new Multihog with attachments considered the preferred method- allowing them to move away from the previous heavy, intensive works, which required the use of road saws to cut joints and pneumatic breakers to excavate defects.

The health risks associated with manual methods are no secret, with workforces under high exposure to noise, dust and vibration- not to mention the issue of removing and disposing of the defective material by hand.

Prior to purchasing a Multihog MXCLP to prevent potential health & safety issues, Tameside MBC Engineering Operations consulted and engaged with the workforce to ensure all parties were satisfied.

Although the Multihog has proven to be approximately 30% cheaper than traditional methods of a permanent repair and is able to significantly improve productivity rates (can achieve in excess of 60²m repair per hour), the operational team at Tameside were equally impressed with the health benefits provided via the front mounted patch planer and the rear mechanical suction sweeper attachments.

Ian Evans, Environmental Services Manager at Tameside MBC and APSE representative for the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) steering group project to 'Reduce ill health in paving, road and highway work’ highlights the operational advantages of the Multihog below:

Health & safety advantages of patch planer attachment

  • In-cab controlled
  • No manual cutting or breaking tools required
  • Vastly reduces noise and vibration
  • Water spray jets control dust at source
  • No manual lifting of breaker on/off vehicle

Health & safety advantages of mechanical sweeper attachment

  • Negates the need to manually handle excavated spoils
  • Reduces the required number of vehicles and risk on site to one unit
  • Water spray jets control dust at source

Tom Carter, Highways operator at Tameside MBC summaries the benefits of the Multihog from first-hand experience:

"What this can do in a day would typically take us a whole week to do in a four man gang using jack hammers or breakers so it’s certainly speeded up services.

The Multihog has stopped the back-breaking work we used to have to put up with before so it’s great for us on a day-to-day basis and there is also a lot less waste too. We now recycle the leftover asphalt to put back into the pavements and the machine is going to be used for snow ploughing and salt spreading in winter. Overall it’s simply faster, safer and more efficient."

If you would like more information on the Steering Group's evaluation and are looking at improving operational safety whilst reducing time and cost call 01254 703212

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