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Testimonials - What our customers say

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We are confident that the Multihog makes the difference

We are confident that even before a machine has been delivered that it is going to offer exceptional value for money and improve services.This is because we work with our clients to determine the facts, offering confidence and lasting support that will ensure the Multihog makes the difference.

Time and time again, because we tailor the machine to your operations, we get the same positive feedback over and over. Backed by what our customers are telling us and the fact that they are more than happy to take time out of their personal schedules to go on record to praise this innovation, we know the Multihog has a lot to offer you.

Here's what our customers have to say...

The Multihog is a fantastic piece of equipment tried and tested across many locations and has no trouble planning out asphalt.

I had a Multihog and operator which was used to run 2 x 4 man teams, with the Multihog self-propelling to each location so no additional transport required. For example, two jobs 20 miles apart, plane out, sweep approx. 100sqm on each job, leaving nice clean edges by the planer. I for one would use a Multihog again rather than a skidsteer with planer.

Steve Ash, Senior Highways Supervisor, Ringway

"When monitoring at the front of the Multihog with the planer attachment, I was not expecting the noise level to be so low compared to other equipment I had measured before, for the same job. With this in mind and also the removable of any HAV risk to operatives, I expect I will soon be seeing this equipment on many more of my surveys"

Gill Cussons, Owner of Noise & Vibration Solutions & Senior Acoustic Consultant/Director at INVC

'The MX 120 with patch planer is ideal tool for front line highway maintenance teams who need one machine that can cope with a range of road surfaces, including heavy engineered HRA.

The planer goes through road surfaces like the proverbial hot knife through butter!

The unit can be used for large carriageway patches, potholes & footways-with no low loader requirements as it is road legal.

Also benefits for health and wellbeing of site operatives, reduced noise & vibration levels compared to alternative plant & excellent working conditions for drivers with 360 visibility & easy manoeuvrability’

Paul Vaughan,Team Manager,Dudley MBC

"The Multihog will allow us to improve efficiency and reduce our Reactive Maintenance Budget by carrying out permanent “fix first time” repairs. Our aim is to eliminate repeated temporary repairs to the same defect. The Multihog will also allow us to utilise limited budgets more efficiently."

Joe Smith , Senior ManagerPhysical Environment (Roads & Transportation) , North Ayrshire Council


“At Durham, we had a requirement to replace a life-expired snow blower.  By investing in the Multihog MH90 we have maximised vehicle utilisation, the dual-use application enables us to use the equipment for road planing all year round and when required during the winter period use the Multihog for snow blowing. Attachments are easily transferred therefore offering real flexibility, this machine without doubt has provided a cost effective solution to Durham’s aim to provide an efficient and effective service”

Mark Readman, Highways Services Manager, Durham County Council 


“We had looked for a while for a quicker and more effective method for carrying out these types of repairs. Smaller machines were not up to the job and I was of the opinion that there was definitely a gap to be filled in the market... When we saw a demo of the Multihog we realised this was the niche machine we needed.”

David Hepworth, Schemes Delivery Manager, Rotherham MBC

“Like every other local authority in the UK we had a huge problem with potholes mainly due to the recent extreme winters. Our programme of permanent patching repairs using the Multihog has made a great contribution towards rectifying the situation.”

David Russell, Glasgow City Council.


“The performance of the Multihog’s planer also amazed even our most experienced people when we trialled it.” 

Gerry Kennedy, Amey Roads North Lanarkshire


“We were impressed with the professionalism and customer care provided to Amey from the Multihog sales and engineering team who pulled out all the stops throughout the project”

Gordon Wilson, Account Director Amey


“We have easily doubled our daily coverage and the quality of the material arising from the planing procedure means that we will soon be able to recycle it as a granular product to replace type 1 material. This is better for the environment as it reduces landfill and the need for quarrying”

Andy Bowers, Amey Roads North Lanarkshire


"Due to the requirement to work in the same direction as the traffic, our old tractor mounted system involved lane closures and rerouting, which obviously caused disruptions as well as incurring considerable costs. Cutting either side of the Multihog whilst travelling with the traffic flow allows us to complete the work much more quickly and safely”

“Unlike our old mowing equipment, which stood idle in the yard in the winter, there is no ‘closed season’ for the Multihogs, we will be making maximum use of our resources”

Mick Monaghan, Project Manager of Highways Services


“The Multihog’s versatility and manoeuvrability made it a very attractive proposition and we were impressed with the quality of manufacturing”

“By augmenting our existing winter resilience fleet with the two Multihogs, we have been able to improve the effectiveness of our snow clearing service across West Lothian”

“The beauty of the Multihog is that it is never likely to sitting idle whatever the time of year”

Tom Ward, West Lothian Council Road Services


”We deployed the Multihogs within two residential areas in Fauldhouse and Blackburn, as these areas have been historically problematic to clear due to narrow roads, and turning restrictions in cul-de-sacs.

“Fixed snow ploughs have difficulty manoeuvring around obstacles such as parked cars in these restricted spaces and they can also only clear snow in one direction.”

Andy Johnston, Operations Manager, West Lothian Council

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