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Pothole Repair & Patching

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Looking for a reliable roads partner?

Do you dream of a pavement and road repair provider that really does go the whole hog when it comes to complete kerb to kerb highway maintenance?

Would you love a Multihog but don't have the budget or team to take it on? In this age of austerity, it can be difficult to find the funds or work to deliver some in-house operations and as such we're able to provide a bespoke service that meets your requirements. 

Best practice pothole and patching repairs

In collaboration with our term maintenance and local authority customers, Multihog have helped establish recognised best practice for pothole and patching repairs.

We believe if you're going to do something, do it once and get it right - in adherence with the HMEP 'right first time' philosophy. At Multihog we're dedicated to doing more for less, more efficiently and productively than the accepted standard which is reflected in our overall road maintenance offering.

See how we have helped ensure efficiency savings without compromising on quality of service delivery: 

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