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High Pressure Water Pump In The Pipeline! As Flood Warnings Continue…


Whilst Winter Maintenance teams up and down the UK persevere to bolster Britain against the big freeze (wondering will it be a white Christmas?) for some councils the cold isn’t the only concern.

“The main focus is the rain!” - Michael Lawrence, forecaster for the Met Office.

Heavy rainfall is expected for the days leading up to Christmas, so whilst snow and ice could be expected in some areas, coastal areas are particularly vulnerable and at the very least "could cause some flooding and some disruption."

Recently, 42 flood alerts were issued for the UK, some 22 of which were centred on the South West.

Cornwall Council are considering a cautious Christmas if the weather continues and the first-steps may include shutting off the festive lights.

Meanwhile, Skybus flights from Land’s End Airport to Scilly Isles are being transferred to Newquay Cornwall Airport as of yesterday due to a waterlogged runway.

Elsewhere, the Wakefield Express headlined “Met Office Flood Warnings” with similar echoes North, South, East and West of the United Kingdom.

However, as quickly as the weather changes so does the Multihog’s adaptability to tackle adversity!

As ever, the Multihog has demonstrated its versatility in the latest attachment development for the MH90 base unit. Anticipated early 2013, the High Pressure Pump is more than just a pipedream!

High Pressure Pump 1

Picture: The first snaps of the Multihog's High Pressure Pump!

What will it do? - Pump fluids and slurries from trenches, quarries, construction sites, buildings, sewers etc. Dregging and flood prevention.

What are the features? - High volume and head, adjustable impeller speed. Fully encased motor and self-lubricated for reliability.

Multihog expect the application to, as usual, outperform single purpose pumps and should be able to shift 5000L per minute (that’s an IBC in 12 seconds!).

Up and down the UK, from Amey’s Multihogs in Plymouth to North Lanarkshire, the multihog’s innovative multipurpose-approach and endless applications make it endlessly worthwhile as the Multihog will soon be equipped to combat future floods.

To find out more about the Multihog and the ever-expanding list of attachments please take a look at our website and get in touch.

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