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Is Premier League football set to freeze for winter while the rest of the nation ploughs on?

Cylinder mower football pitch

According to recent newspaper reports, the Premier League is beginning to consider the option of introducing a ‘winter break’ for the future footballing calendars. Richard Scudamore, the Chief Executive of England’s top flight footballing league has revealed that all three main bodies of English football (The Football Association, Premier League and Football League) have begun to work out if a way of freezing football fixtures over the winter’s worst period would improve the game as a whole.

However, with so many matches needing to be played the difficulty in ‘shutting shop’ for winter is in turn highlighted further. Scudamore, speaking in the Telegraph newspaper* is quoted as stating “We have tried, but unless somebody is prepared to give something up, it is pretty hard.”

Of course, this episode emphasizes that whilst football tries to find a way around winter the rest of the UK must plough on! Fixture congestion only goes to indicate the necessity of winter resilience, thankfully congestion on the highways will be kept to a minimum wherever the Multihog is on the team-sheet! Maybe Scudamore should come to terms with this too?

Cylinder mower Germany

Even on the Continent, where some football leagues do in fact use a winter break as a means of resting players, clubs still relentlessly persevere against the cold weather. At FC Basel, as the above photo displays, they enjoy the Multihog MH90’s all seasonal versatility by making the most of this machine for the whole year- even when the football finishes!

The Multihog’s cylinder mower guarantees a fine finish that is required for a club’s campaign; especially in prestigious competitions like the UEFA Cup and Champions league which FC Basel are fully acquainted.  Only the highest quality surface can be used for the highest ranked teams in Europe!

This is where the Multihog triumphs, at FC Basel like any large facility requiring winter maintenance and grounds care, the MH90 is able to do all the jobs all of the time. For instance, when the snow and ice falls, the resilient Multihog tackles difficult and hard to reach areas including car parks, pedestrian areas and roadways with the option of high-capacity de-icing sprayer or gritter, as well as the spring loaded snow plough. 

So, whilst footballers would enjoy a winter siesta the council, contractor and maintenance workers up and down the United Kingdom  (like at FC Basel in Europe)strive on – with the Multihog helping them to do it all! The Premier League might want to take a look at such examples of Amey North Lanarkshire or West Lothian Council for inspiration closer to home.

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18th October 2012, 13:05
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