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NEW - The brush bucket lifter attachment!

Multihog brush bucket lifter1

What is now becoming recognised as one the most efficient, productive and consistent milling machines on the market – the Multihog MH90 and patch planer combination has developed further, making asphalt operations as easy as it is to attach the endless add-ons one has come to expect from the versatile Multihog.



The brush bucket attachment now allows the Multihog operator the ability to remove the asphalt directly from the operation site making the surface instantly ready for reinstatement.

Although the patch planer, which is now making Glasgow City Council 400% more productive, came from humble beginnings. As Earth Movers Editorial highlighted back in May 2011, the Multihog’s manoeuvre into milling came about by way of suggestion from a potential client. This is testament as to why the Multihog team are, and rightly so, enthusiastic about hearing feedback from those in the industry. It also emphasises that this robust machine really does have, as the Multihog brand slogan goes, ‘Endless Application’ opportunities, and again highlights the prudent business case this model has to offer all organisations looking to make savings.

Fast forward to now, and the patch planer attachment has led to the development of another complimentary application in the milling of asphalt – the brush bucket. These handy implements make the Multihog one of the most efficient tools in patch planing, allowing one machine and one driver to complete the job single handily with a consistent quality.

The Multihog with patch planer and brush bucket attachments can significantly increase productivity whilst cutting operation time thus keeping costs to a minimum. Although the Multihog’s attachments are evolutionary, the speed and service it continues to deliver whether in highways, winter maintenance or grounds care feels revolutionary in the concept that this single machine can do so much so effectively.

For more on the Multihog MH90 patch planer and the latest brush bucket attachment check out

Catch a glimpse of the Multihog and brush bucket in action here !

18th October 2012, 13:17
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