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Multihog provides prudent pothole repairs

We understand that money is tight and budgets are being pressed to go further than ever before. Even with the tools to make safe the road defects, sometimes, funding simply isn't available to refill the reported 295 square miles of potholes that are spread across the UK's entire road network.

Although we don't profess that the Multihog is the miracle solution, the Multihog and road planer combination helps to ensure value for money by delivering an efficient road planing operation which in effect means more for your money. 

Cut costs on unnecessary vehicles and tools for a leaner and cheaper operation

1) Travel & tow attachments to site

2) Plane on paths, roads & HRA

DSC_0004 MH-Planer-034

3) Sweep and empty asphalt product

4) Move on to the next defect...

Brush Bucket Lifter 12 DSC_0003


Multihog means more for your money - Save on asphalt reinstatement costs

The Multihog has a proven track record within the highways industry; improving performance as well as money in your pocket due to the variety of benefits which this superior application provides for the end user.

Unlike conventional planing machinery such as hand-held pneumatic drills or pecker and road milling attachments for unaspiring machinery like backhoe loaders or skid steers, the Multihog offers unrivalled advantages to boost your productivity as well as ultimately saving you money in the process. 

Click the asphalt calculator button below to determine how much you could save by switching to the Multihog for your road planing operations



Asphalt savings calculator


MH-Planer-002 MH-Planer-006 MH-Planer-029
Eliminate bounce - consistent Plane down to a depth of 125mm Instantly 'Make safe' a defect 


The Multihog allows the operator to control the planing depth, within the comfort of the cab, which produces a consistent finish. Unlike alternative cold planer methods, with the Multihog you only take out precisely what is required at the set depth which eliminates surplus reinstatement costs.

  • Save on infill costs - cut the costs of unnecessary reinstatement

  • Save on waste asphalt transportation - reduce your carbon footprint

  • Save on recycling costs - reusable road planings 

  • Save on transportation costs - reduce TM costs 

  • Save on safety liability - eliminate HAVS 

With increased investment for future budgets from central government in road maintenance and road repairs the Multihog offers you a innovative solution to permanently repair more defects for less.

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