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Are You in for a Snowy Surprise?


IMMINENT winter warnings from the Met Office indicate that the UK could be given a snowy surprise with today’s frontpage headlines reiterating this. 

It's grit Britain: Brace yourself for a three week battering of snow, ice and subzero temperatures The Mirror, 10.01.13 

Whilst the Telegraph conservatively states “Mild weather to make way for ice and snow” It has been reported that virtually all regions will be hit, with frost, ice, sleet and freezing fog threatening travel chaos and misery for millions – especially the elderly.
“Overnight on Tuesday we could see minus 12C to minus 14C in the South West, where there is snow on the ground.” Leon Brown, Weather Channel Forecaster.
With the sudden announcements, anxious Council bosses will be looking to put resilience plans into practice as Winter Maintenance Machines are the defibrillator to the nation’s roads when the cold comes.
The Multihog’s unique multifunctional ability allows councils and contractors to utilise this ‘life-saving’ machine throughout the winter months as well as the rest of the year too.
The all-seasonal utilisation of plant makes organisations more effective and efficient, with this in mind short-termism could come to the fore without long-term usage in mind; especially as Forecasters say overnight temperatures could plunge to minus 14C (7F) in some areas over the weekend.
Multihog is an already established Winter Maintenance machine, able to tackle the worst of the weather, from snow ploughing in difficult to reach areas as well as gritting, de-icing and snow brushing.
Whilst most of the nation grinds to a halt when the fatal freeze falls, Airports and Authorities with the multipurpose Multihog manage to maintain a service. Gatwick and Heathrow have had a healthy habit of remaining fully-operational since their orders for the versatile vehicle, totalling over 20 between the two authorities.
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council have been credited in the press already for their ability to maintain a multiple use of their Multihog for productive pothole repair with the patch planer  as well as the winter maintenance kit featuring the snow plough and gritter attachments. The Council's use of the Multihog's winter application combination has ensured off the main route Schools stay open, giving parent's peace of mind. The Multihog's maneuverability allows difficult-to-reach areas, including narrow streets, residential and built-up urdan areas to remain safe for people to go about their daily business.
To prepare yourself for the snow, enquire today. Click the red 'Enquire Now' button if you want to know more on the Multihog's multipurpose aprroach to Winter Maintenance or for any other questions you might have.
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10th January 2013, 11:36
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