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A local company in Hoddlesden has been praised for helping the Council keep the roads clear in a rural village.

Multihog UK Ltd based in Queens Square has been gritting the area around Bayne Street, near to the village school, where the Council’s conventional gritters cannot safely access. The cost of 'snow days' to the UK economy can be collosal; especially as many parents are forced to take time off work with their children when schools shut because of winter weather.  

Bayne Street is a narrow and very steep hill making it too dangerous for larger gritters to go down with the frost and ice proving hazardous, especially for parents and their children on the school run. The Multihog is a compact machine with excellent manoeuvrability making it ideal for these difficult to reach areas.

Company director Nick Leadley from Multihog approached the Council and asked if he could help as he lives in the village and one of his children attends the local school.

The Council agreed to this offer and provided the grit to the company as part of its Your Call campaign, which is aimed at encouraging communities to work with the council to improve the areas where they live.

Multihog UK Ltd supply a multipurpose machine that specialises in a range of maintenance operations allowing it to be used throughout the seasons which has proven extremely cost-effective for councils elsewhere also feeling the pinch.

Nick Leadley said: “The Multihog has proven very successful in helping to keep disruptions to a minimum with machines spanning the UK from Plymouth to North Lanarkshire.  I was more than happy to help out locally because I know how hard it can be to keep difficult to reach areas safe in the winter weather – after all the Multihog was designed with this in mind”  

Councillor Dave Harling, Executive Member for Regeneration, added: “We are very grateful to Nick and his team for their help. The weather has caused real issues for local residents in this area and now thanks to Nick, it is now safer for people to get to and from their homes and the school.”

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a video of the Multihog in action gritting the School's car park)



18th January 2013, 15:40
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