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For a more productive solution to pothole repair - Hire a Hog!

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In order to meet the increased demand for quicker, more efficient and permanent road repairs you can now hire a hog today. The desire to save money is driving local authorities and contractors to look carefully at their work practices and examine if there are leaner ways of doing things. Currently in the public eye are potholes with the epidemic having been accelerated due to a number of successive bad winters we have encountered. This is where Multihog can help!

Since the launch of the Multihog MH90 and AP400 planer in January 2011 this combination now represents the future of pothole repairs. From the outset our policy has been to listen to our customers, monitor their feedback and as such we can now provide a number of finance alternatives which include long or short term hire, lease and purchase options, giving you the flexibility to carry out a more permanent repair to the highways.

You could be benefitting from:

•  Road milling at 400mm wide x 125mm deep.

•  A five man team can now reinstate up to 400m² a day, allowing for the smallest of pothole repairs to larger junction reinstatement schemes.

•  These quicker repair rates reduce the disruption to traffic flow and decrease traffic management costs.

•  Road legal – Allowing the operator to travel from job to job.

•  Side shifting carriage permits the road planer to work right up against a wall or kerb.

•  Rotating planer head lets the operator keep the planer level even when working on an incline.

•  53, self-sharpening, carbide-tipped picks are used in an up cutting motion to produce a 10mm lacing pattern for the perfect key for the tarmac when the road is resurfaced, ensuring a quality and permanent finish.

•  Improved operational health and safety by reducing the exposure of your workforce to Hand-Arm Vibration Sickness

•  The spoil sits neatly within the cutting track for an easier clean up, speeded up with the addition of the Multihog’s brush bucket lifter attachment for cost-effective removal of the planings.

•  You can save a huge amount on the cost of infill materials since you only plane out small sections of the road, and without the need to cut any deeper than the problem you are trying to repair requires.

•  Versatility means you can use the Multihog and planer combination for a variety of works from reactive to planned schemes.


Here’s what our customers have been saying:

“The performance of the Multihog’s planer also amazed even our most experienced people when we trialled it.”

Gerry Kennedy, Amey Roads North Lanarkshire

“Like every other local authority in the UK we had a huge problem with potholes mainly due to the recent extreme winters. Our programme of permanent patching repairs using the Multihog has made a great contribution towards rectifying the situation.”

David Russell, Glasgow City Council.

“ We were impressed with the professionalism and customer care provided to Amey from the Multihog sales and engineering team who pulled out all the stops throughout the project”

Gordon Wilson, Account Director Amey

“We had looked for a while for a quicker and more effective method for carrying out these types of repairs. Smaller machines were not up to the job and I was of the opinion that there was definitely a gap to be filled in the market.”, “When we saw a demo of the Multihog we realised this was the niche machine we needed.”

David Hepworth, Schemes Delivery Manager, Rotherham MBC

“We have easily doubled our daily coverage and the quality of the material arising from the planing procedure means that we will soon be able to recycle it as a granular product to replace type 1 material. This is better for the environment as it reduces landfill and the need for quarrying”

Andy Bowers, Amey Roads North Lanarkshire





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