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Five Effective Tools for an Enhanced Winter Maintenance Service


Many of us Brits are still enjoying the sunshine that 2013 has brought to our shores but for many forward thinking councils and contractors, behind the scenes it’s a different matter. Many of these organisations will have committees gathering together to discuss and prepare for their winter weather maintenance services. 

With this in mind many Multihog UK customers who are hiring or have purchased the Multihog base unit can be comfortable in the knowledge that the attachments that they have been using for summer maintenance duties can be quickly changed over at the first sign of bad weather to winter additions.

These include the high capacity de-icing sprayer which can be used for the application of low corrosion de-icing fluids, the gritter that can be used for the application of rock salt, a robust snow blower and the heavy duty, spring loaded snow plough.

Due to a patented four wheel drive system coupled with articulation and compact dimensions for the MH90 base unit the operator can easily access areas where larger vehicles would struggle; for example pedestrian walkways, town centres, narrow streets with parked cars, Cul-de-Sacs and the back of estates as well as areas around schools, police stations and other government owned buildings.

What makes the Multihog and the winter attachments so unique?

1. The snow plough 

• Heavy duty construction with hydraulic lift, tilt and angle 
• Spring loaded allowing for deflection over iron works and other hidden obstacles
• Width 2400mm however the operator can swivel the unit by 30° each side, reducing this down to 2100mm and to accurately displace the snow


2. High capacity de-icing sprayer

• 1200ltr stainless steel tank
• In-cab controller incorporating pressure control, main on/off and three section controls
• Three sectional boom giving a total spray width of 10m
• Additional benefits include the ability to use low corrosion de-icing fluids in areas which could be affected by high corrosion

Multihog with High Capacity DeIcing Sprayer Yellow compressed

3. The gritter

• Hydraulically operated spreader with 1600kg capacity.
• Variable auger speed to give precise control of the rate of discharge
• Adjustable chute angle and spinner speed control to allow accurate placement of salt
• Optional can bus system


4. Snow blower

• Two stage rotary snow plough and thrower for deep snow removal
• Cylinder diameter 650mm and throwing wheel diameter of 700mm
• Total clearing depth 940mm with a working width of 2200mm
• Hydraulically operated chute allows the operator to change the throwing direction


5. The MH90 

• 6000kg train weight allows the operator to utilise both of the above attachments at the same time, allowing for clearance of the snow before the allocation of salt for a more effective operation
• Additional attachments allow for all season utilisation such as patch planing, grass and hedge cutting, drain jetting and street washing


So if you are thinking of ways you can offer a more effective service, whilst benefitting from all season utilisation then look no further and give Multihog UK a call to discuss hire, lease and purchase options.

16th September 2013, 11:06
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