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It doesn't rain, it pours...


An effective and efficient flood fighter

This innovative multi-purpose unit enables you be more proactive and less reactive; covering you from the excessive hire costs often associated with pumps when the flood warnings begin.

In addition the Multihog can be utilised all-year round, whatever the season, to deliver an outstanding service at minimal cost and maximum productivity. Flood fighting applications include:

Multihog Submersible Water Pump

High pressure submersible water pump

Capable of shifting 5000 litres per minute the Multihog is able to access difficult to reach areas with ease in order to tackle the flooded area head-on before moving to the next zone

Drain Cleaner 3

Drain and sewer jetter

With a variable power rate of up to 6600PSI the Multihog can also be used for drain clearance and high pressure jetting to resolve problem blockages in addition to flood water and slurry pumping

High pressure washer (1)

High pressure washer

The high pressure washer attachment allows for flooded areas to be instantly cleaned on site, immediately after pumping to minimise risk to the general public in an efficient and speedy manner

There's plenty more to the pump

Multihog Submersible Water Pump


The compact and articulated design of the road legal multihog allows for all terrain accessibility, where larger pump units are restricted. The machine’s low centre of gravity and patented ‘Sure Drive’ 4-wheel system guarantees stability and agility on steep gradients and tight areas.

Water pump (18)


5000 litres per minute can be shifted from the single submersible pump with a 6inch hose powered by the Multihog unit itself. This can then be transferred over a long distance away from the flooded area. Alternatively two 3inch pumps can be attached to the front and back of the machine for increased operational adaptability.

Water pump (17)


Enhanced accessibility to the flooded zone allows for the Multihog to rapidly reach the source and distribute water from the area, as a cog in the wheel, to larger pump units if required. Unlike conventional pumps, the Multihog is multi-purpose so it can be used all year round for a range of operations but is always functional to combat floods when needed.

Water pump (16)


The Multihog can enter flooded areas quickly and also operate in external and internal environments. Liquids can be pumped from a depth of 12 meters through a 6inch hose as the picture demonstrates. The submersible pump is designed for handling high volumes of various liquids from clear water to heavy suspensions and slurry being insensitive to impurities and solids.

Safeguard yourself against further flooding and receive further all-seasonal advantages in the process

Because of the versatility of the Multihog unit you can off-set the base unit against the anticipated costs for pumps whilst attaining an invaluable asset for a range of your operational requirements; including road planing, winter maintenance, grass mowing and forestry to name but a few examples of attachments available.


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