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Multihog Moments 2013

Happy New Year! How was 2013 for you?

Take a look down Multihog memory lane below for a snapshot of the previous year:


Multihog Submersible Water Pump
  • We volunteered a Multihog with our operator to plough and grit a rural Lancashire village, free of charge, as it was unsafe for the conventional Council gritters to access the narrow lanes (click here to read the full story)
  • We developed a high pressure submersible flood water pump attachment (capable of shifting 5000 litres per minute) to help our customers combat severe weather warnings without incurring the excessive costs associated with emergency hire of typical pumps 


Brush Bucket Lifter 1
  • Amey achieved! Faster, safer and greener with multiple Multihogs on several contracts (find out more here)
  • The brush bucket lifter attachment was finalised allowing the Multihog to plane and swiftly sweep away left over planing element on site; eliminating additional sweeper costs


Newcastle Airport 020
  • Both March and spring overall were the coldest since 1962
  • Newcastle Airport made the most of their Multihog for an all seasonal operation with winter kit and grass cutting attachments (see their full operation here)


EMA 007
  • We attended Winter Ops & Airside Safety Europe 2013
  • MAG’s East Midlands Airport reordered an additional Multihog unit following their experiences over 2012-13 winter period (click here to find out why)


High pressure washer (1)
  • We completed the design of the street washing unit attachment as the ideal implement to clean roads and pavements with the addition of a drain jetting tool (working at 6600PSI) to clear blockages effectively with efficiency 
  • Cambridgeshire County Council’s Multihog concluded winter maintenance routine responsibilities and began to tackle potholes with their road planer application


Multihog Charity Bike Ride (6)
  • As well as jumping out of aeroplanes, the Multihog team cycled 127 miles in three days to raise money for the Sam Shaw Appeal – Thanks to all those who helped us along the way. Sam is on the road to recovery and will hopefully complete his treatment in the USA soon
  • Nottinghamshire County Council’s hire deal improved grass cutting operations whilst saving them up to £1,000 per day with two Multihogs (see how they did it here)


  • Hire a hog! Multihog invested in a sizable hire fleet to provide more flexible solutions on long and short term contracts with or without operatives included (Hire a hog today)
  • We attended our first exhibition within the rail industry working with Network Rail to bring innovation to new markets


Multihog snow plough and brush combo 5


Best Service Team Highways, Winter Maintenance and Street Lighting - Rotherham MBC
  • The Multihog helped Rotherham MBC win best practice award at APSE 2013! This was achieved due to the machine’s productive road planing and winter resilience capabilities (find out how they did it here)
  • We got a lot of attention at Cold Comfort in Manchester (We’ll be at Cold Comfort 2014 in Scotland on the first of May)


  • Multihog made Bedford’s guided busway safe with delivery of their machine in time for winter. The Multihog has a proven track record in this area (see for yourself)
  • In both October and December, some parts of the UK received over twice the normal amount of rainfall for the month – Many Multihog customers had the pump attachment on standby
  • West Lothian Council aquired a stump grinder attachment to add to the road milling attachment, snow plough, snow blower and gritter unit for their two Multihogs


Multihog snow plough and brush combo 2
  • Edinburgh Airport added two units in time for the approaching winter 
  • Hogs on hire, rolling down the road! LAPV magazine recognises the advantages achieved by Nottinghamshire County Council through utilisation of their Multihogs (read the report here)


  • Bradford MBC went from road planing to snow blowing making the most of our hire initiative, Dave Mazurke (Bradford MBC) shares his thoughts (read the full article here)
  • December was the wettest on record for Scotland - the wet weather continued into the New Year with severe flooding across the UK

We wish you all the best for 2014 - Hopefully Multihog can be a part of it

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