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New kit will make road repairs quicker


A new highway repair machine is being introduced to make repairs to Nottingham's roads faster and more efficient

The new vehicle, known as a Multihog, can prepare patches for filling much faster than traditional methods of repair. It is also more accurate, leaving a much neater finish and resulting in improved road repairs.

The machine is being used from this week by Nottingham City Council. The Mulithog - which looks like a small tractor with attachments - removes the surface around pot holes or on an uneven road that needs repairing. The excavated area can then be reinstated. 

The new approach removes the need for hand power tools, reducing manual handling and exposure to hand-arm vibration. This makes the job safer and also reduces the amount of waste material produced from everyday maintenance activities.

When the Mulithog is not being used to repair road surfaces it can be used for a number of different tasks, simply by using one of the vehicles’ different attachments. From flood water pumping to drain jetting and horticultural duties to name but a few and changing attachments only takes less than a couple of minutes.

Nottingham City Council will use the snow ploughing and gritting attachments to help keep narrow roads and pestrianised areas - normally outside of the reach of our conventional gritting vehicles - clear of ice in the winter months.  

Councillor Jane Urquhart, Nottingham City Council's Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation, said: "The City Council has a legal responsibility for the local road network in terms of keeping routes safe for the passage of all road users. This new equipment means that our dedicated Highway Services team can work in a faster, more productive manner to fulfil that responsibility.

"With over 782km of roads within the City Council boundary, the Highways Services team actively monitors the roads to ensure that the most urgent repairs are completed first. This equipment will make their role of repairing road surfaces a more efficient process." 

The Multihog has also been recognised by other local authorities and organisations in helping to deliver best practice within the different maintenance areas it can tackle. Rotherham MBC were awarded the highways best service title by the Association for Public Service Excellence just last year.

As well as outright purchase Multihog also offer a range of different financial solutions to optimise the advantages of your operational requirements, including hire with or without operatives for short and longer term periods.

Nottingham Staff with Multihog

Picture: The Nottingham City Council crew proudly pose next to their new Multihog

This article was taken from My Nottingham News, to help show residents of the City the great work Nottingham City Council are doing to ensure an improved and more efficient service. This press release is a week after BBC television and radio coverage highlighted the benefits the Multihog's versatility brings to the Council.

12th March 2014, 10:30
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