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Silica dust suppression

The Multihog's brush bucket lifter application about to discharge asphalt waste into a waiting wagon

Multihog vehicles are able to suppress silica dust on site through a rear mounted water tank eliminating any growing HSE pressure into workforce level exposure.

The health and safety implications of silica dust on construction sites are clear to see, with excess exposure linked to a range of illnesses including: cancer, silicosis, tuberculosis, kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and arthritis.

Recent studies conducted by the University of Stirling highlight hundreds of thousands of workers are put at risk every year, with a workplace exposure limit of 0.1 milligrams per cubic metre set in the UK under health and safety law.

It has often been argued that the seriousness of silica dust has been underplayed, with many now believing it is a matter of time before silica dust becomes the next big issue in construction work places.

With proven ability to offset the cost of a permanent road repair by as much as 30%, increase productivity rates by as much as 400%, eliminate the risk of HAVS and reduce noise levels when carrying out highway repair, many may be unaware of the Multihog’s dust suppression capabilities.

A rear demountable water tank is able to be fitted to the machine directly feeding water to front and rear implements including the Patch Planer, Brush Bucket Lifter, Front Sweeper Brush and Suction Sweeper, with water suppression considered by the HSE to be a “very effective” solution to minimising silica dust on site.

The water tank has also proven to aid pick preservation due to continual lubrication which could allow further cost-savings and increased productivity rates for highway bosses due to reduced requirement for servicing/replacement of picks.

The benefits of the machines ability to suppress dust where credited earlier in the year by Gill Cussons (Owner of Noise & Vibration Solutions and Senior Acoustic Consultant/Director at INVC) who carried out an onsite health and safety risk assessment on the Multihog earlier this year.

“I am often left covered in dust while taking readings on site, however found that not to be the case when testing the Multihog. I expect I will soon be seeing this equipment on many more of my surveys”

Multihog have now also increased the standard planer head options available for the Multihog, with the MX range capable of accepting half metre and 600mm planer heads with variable dimensions also available on request (including 350mm). Like the original 400mm Patch Planer, the new standardised sizes will be capable of planing up to 125mm on HRA surfaces.

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