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New attachment enables airports to shine bright!

Developed in-house by the R&D team in Ireland, the new all-season runway light cleaner is now in operation at a major UK airport. Mounted on a Multihog MX vehicle, it uses a mixture of soda, water and air to blast the light at a low pressure before rinsing with water for supreme dirt removal.

Each light can be cleaned in one pass and everything is hydraulically controlled from within the cab, allowing the operator to clean come rain or shine. Previous cleaning methods involved either high pressure washing, which risked damaging the lens seals, or removal of the light for manual cleaning in a workshop before reinstallation, however the new innovative one-man operation now simply cleans the light and drives the short distance to the next one, reducing time and costs associated whilst improving aircraft flow in low visibility weather.

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9th September 2015, 22:14
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