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What could the Multihog save you?

Following a recently successful Multihog customer site visit along with Sales Director Kevin Gorman, St Helens Council where quick to embrace innovation to assist with their highway recovery programme through hiring a Multihog MH90 with Patch Planer attachment and operator.

The Council were keen to trial new systems with a view to potentially moving away from traditional methods used, with clear intentions to improve workforce safety and minimise disruption to the network. The Asphalt Savings Calculator which was tailored to St Helens current arrangements made a clear case for acquiring the MH90, with the unit’s ability to plane consistently to the level required enabling for more accurate management of asphalt and significant savings to be achieved.

The Multihog's road legality, compact size, productivity and planing performance make it ideal for tackling a diverse range of highway repairs, including large scale carriageway patching, channel patchng, footway patching and pothole repairs.

The units are becoming more and more prevalent on footways across the UK, with the planers ability to consistently break out 20-25mm off the footways wearing course ensuring the base course is left intact, significantly reducing surfacing material requirements by as much as 90% in comparison to fully resurfacing the whole of a footway.

The Multihog Asphalt Savings Calculator takes into consideration the average coverage (m2/day), average depth (mm), target depth required (mm), asphalt price/ton (£) and disposal cost/ton (£) to estimate savings which could be achieved and extra coverage able to facilitate through the savings.

(Note the calculator doesn't take into account savings achieved through reduced traffic management, reduced support vehicles on site, reduced operatives which are then free to carry out other duties, elimination of HAVS claims and elimination of the requirement for health surveillance on site)

Winter packages are now available which include a Multihog machine, Patch Planer, Gritter and Plough attachments as well as accredited Lantra training courses for the workforce, with the road legal vehicle only requiring operators to hold a valid UK driving license.

Keen to hear what the Multhog could save you? Contact 01254 703212 or enquire here!



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