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Multihog accredited for its clean sweep

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Multihog have achieved accreditation for their rear demountable Suction Sweeper following independent EUnited PM10-Testing carried out in Germany. The EUnited PM-Test is acknowledged as the European reference for the performance of road sweepers with regard to dust particulates and illustrates Multihog’s desire to support municipalities in their fight for clean air.

The test took place in a controlled environment excluding any potential effects from the weather, with the Multihog required to run a test track four times under realistic working conditions. Data was then collected which measured the airborne concentration of particles resulting from the sweeping of test material as well as the Suction Sweeper’s removal efficiency.

PM10 refers to all types of particles which have an aerodynamic diameter of 10 μm maximum, which commonly arise from the burning of fuels, abrasion of vehicle tyres and industrial processes as well as out of raised soil material and further natural emission sources. Over exposure to such environments if not monitored can commonly cause respiratory disease which has been identified as a major health hazard.

Maximum performance achieved

Multihog achieved the maximum rating possible for performance (3 out of 3 stars), which means concentration of dust particulates when the machine is sweeping is over two-thirds below what is considered maximum concentration limits. This means the Multihog is capable of matching, if not outperforming, alternate sweepers available on the market, with the added benefit of being able to fit additional attachments to maximise vehicle utilisation and reduce fleet downtime.

Driving innovation

Following the release of the ultra-compact CX range, Multihog are now finalising designs of a demountable Suction Sweeper which will be tailored for the new mini Multihog's. With width from 1130mm and height from 1930mm, the new CX range is ideal for operating on footways, with the new attachment sure to revolutionise precinct sweeping, with anticipated stainless steel hopper capacity of 1m³. Trial dates showcasing the CX's powerful performance are currently being finalised for the 27th, 28th and 29th April.

Safety at the forefront of our thoughts

Multihog have a well established reputation built on reliability and innovation, with all interchangeable attachments available for the versatile vehicle designed around productivity, efficiency and health/safety.

Example case studies below have been provided by Multihog end-users and independent organisations who have acknowledged the safety benefits provided by the machine.

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