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triple gang multi-mower with flail mower

Like other areas of public services, grounds care is facing challenging times.

Fortunately, equipment manufacturers are responsive to local authorities’ requirements for innovative solutions. Some have developed multi-task vehicles that enable customers to run leaner fleets, while others have focused on maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of their machines. Most have taken a new look at their customers’ requirements and designed machines to meet these.

The consensus among the industry’s leading equipment suppliers seems to be that, while there are constantly new challenges, none of these are insurmountable.

Josh Sweeney, strategic marketing manager for Multihog UK, explains that as a result of diminishing grounds care budgets, the company has launched the new Multihog CX model. More advanced and manoeuvrable than a typical tractor, and more versatile and robust than restricted ride-on mowers, it has been designed specifically to provide austerity-hit councils with the necessary adaptability to increase their grounds maintenance service delivery.

The Multihog CX was launched in the UK at the Saltex exhibition in November 2016 and is only 1,150mm wide and 1,950mm high. ‘Its same-track pivot steer and two-stage differential lock means added manoeuvrability in tight and confined areas, which previously required the use of smaller, specialised equipment,’ explains Josh.

‘Also, the new ultra-compact CX now allows PTO shaft-driven attachments with three-point linkage, as well as hydraulically-powered implements.


The Multihog can operate 365-days a year across a range of maintenance tasks, providing service delivery and increased operational efficiency, while also cutting costs, says Josh.

CX models are available with either the 55hp or 75hp ultra- efficient Kohler engine, which incorporates a Tier IV final emission standard rating, the highest available for ‘off road’ classified vehicles.

The ROPS-tested cab has 360-degree visibility, front and rear- spring suspension, an air-suspended driver seat, and air conditioning. Front and rear spring suspension reduces impact, and makes the Multihog an easy, comfortable drive at on-roads speeds of up to 40kmph. The ability to tow up to 3,500kg on a braked trailer   increases operational efficiency and enables one operator and machine to arrive on site with a host of attachments, carrying out a range of tasks in one go and eliminating the costs of repeat visits.

The Multi Mower is the new and adaptable front-mounted mower for the Multihog CX. The triple-gang attachment is bespoke to suit the machine and allows for different mowing applications. Its side- cutting units can be lifted and lowered hydraulically to assist with accessing tight areas, and interchangeable cutting heads can achieve a range of finishes – flailing, cylinder moving, and scarifying.


Ever tighter budgets could mean that the prevalence of specialist mowers in parks are a thing of the past, argues Multihog UK's Josh Sweeney. ‘The need for adaptable equipment has never been so clear cut. Multi-purpose assets like the Multihog can offer all-year-round use without compromise.’

This article was taken from Decembers edition of LAPV Magazine. If you are interested in finding out how the new Multihog could benefit your council, call us on 01254 703212.

2nd December 2016, 10:10
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