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Multihog’s special delivery for DHL


Logistics giant DHL has recently acquired three Multihogs for East Midlands Airport, which is its main hub for airfreight in the UK and Ireland.

DHL’s fleet of 23 aircraft operates from 8pm to 4am, so the ability to react quickly to adverse weather conditions is crucial to keep logistics on the move. The three Multihogs – one MH90 and two MX120 models, will now be on hand to clear any snow and ice from the stands and apron to minimise potential disruption to operations.

Delivered in DHL’s distinctive livery, the units are fitted with extra spotlights and heated front screen for optimum night-time operation. The front attachment on all three machines is Multihog’s bespoke 2700mm Snow Plough and Brush combination unit which effectively enables the Multihogs to simultaneously operate 3 applications in 1.

Rear mounted attachments on the MX120 models are 1500L de-icing tanks with a Can bus system for automatic adjustment of the flow rate and the larger MH90 unit was delivered with a gritter attachment.

A common feature in most UK airports winter resilience fleet, DHL will be able to take great confidence in the Multihog's reliability and efficiency during the winter season.

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25th January 2016, 12:46
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