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Bedford Borough Council- “Multihog” on mission to eliminate potholes

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A new beast is being unleashed on the roads of Bedford to tackle the problem of potholes

The machine - a “Multihog” - is a multi-puropose vehicle that can plane and sweep between 100 and 150 square metres of road surface a day.

Specialist attachments can also be bolted on enabling it to grit, clean, clear snow and cut grass.

The Multihog can also churn road surface to depths of up to 125mm in 400mm strips in less than half the time it would take two workmen with hand-held drills.

With a road speed of 40km/h the vehicle can drive around the borough from one job to the next rather than having to be loaded on and off a trailer.

Bedford Mayor Dave Hodgson said: “Our investment in the Multihog is a win-win measure for local roads and local taxpayers. Not only will it enable speedier, good quality highways repairs but it will also achieve real savings in comparison to more traditional means of pothole and patch repair.”

The Council have opted for a Multihog MX machine with 400mm Patch Planer and rear demountable Suction Sweeper attachment to assist with highway network recovery all year round with additional rear demountable High Capacity De-icer attachment also purchased to assist with winter maintenance service.

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25th May 2016, 20:01
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