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Multihog UK scoop health and safety award


HSE experts award Multihog UK the prestigious Health & Safety Innovation 2017 Award at the Road Surface Treatment Association’s Annual Conference.

Multihog UK, new members to the RSTA, signed up to the Patch Repair Sub-Committee with a view to help drive best practice based on the success of the versatile road legal machine’s patch planing credentials with councils and contractors across Britain, and have now been recognised with an award weeks after joining.

The multi-purpose machine is arguably more commonly recognised for helping highway service providers increase productivity and efficiency to do more with less more effectively; however, upholding a healthy asset management strategy is not withstanding the other associated operational advantages.

Unlike conventional equipment, the Multihog’s ability to eradicate the majority of health and safety issues encountered when carrying out permanent highway repairs paved a clear case for winning the award, drawing attention to benefits such as:

  • Minimise workforce whole body vibration exposure, eradicating the risk of HAVS
  • Minimise workforce silica dust exposure, which is proven to be carcinogenic if overexposed
  • Minimise workforce noise exposure, eliminating the risk of operatives encountering loss of hearing

The machines ability to minimise the reliance on workforce carrying out labour intensive methods of repair and ability to outperform alternative road repair plant were also acknowledged and contributed towards the award.


As the machine is road legal with a top speed of 40kmph, unlike most alternative equipment, it has the ability to self-drive from defect to defect eliminating the slow and impractical work involved with specialist planing equipment which requires loading and unloading at each site.

The benefits of being able to self-drive from site to site ahead of the reinstatement gang, as well as the considerable improvements in manoeuvrability and outputs, in comparison to single-purpose planers puts Multihog at a clear advantage.

In addition, findings from independent tests carried out demonstrates that operating a Multihog for road repairs incurs significant health and safety benefits too, such as:

  • Whole Body Vibration: During testing carried out with Doncaster MBC, the Multihog was found to have a reading of 0.4m/s², enabling an operator to carry out road planing work for 24hr per day with no risk. Compared to this, hydraulic breakers are shown to have a reading of 11-16m/s², meaning staff would exceed their daily vibration limit after 12-25 minutes.
  • Noise: The Multihog gave a reading of 82dBa when road planing (reading collected from the front of the machine besides the planer head), tested in relation to the Control of Noise Regulations 2005, with the Multihog reading below the Upper Exposure Action Value (85dBa). This is substantially lower than alternative jackhammer methods which were found to have a reading of 109dBa.
  • Dust: Multihog has built in dust suppression which minimises dust on site. INVC were complimentary of the low levels produced, mentioning they are often covered in dust on site but this was not the case when testing the Multihog MH90 with patch planer.

Multihog UK own the largest fleet of operated and non-operated hire ready Multihogs available with road planer, sweeper and dust-suppression attachments in the world so next time you are looking at road repairs – why not consider the most cost-effective and risk free rental option available?

If you are interested in finding out how Multihog UK can improve the wellbeing of your workforce, contact us on 01254 703 212. 

19th April 2017, 13:02
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