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Cycleway winter worries?

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With focus on sustainable travel and a drive to reduce the levels of pollution across the UK, many authorities are likely to face added responsibility this coming winter, in the form of cycleways. Often overlooked or deemed unessential to maintain, cabinet members are increasingly identifying cycleways as a critical winter route.

Government has set aside £1.2bn to spend up to 2020/21 following the launch of a new cycling and walking investment strategy (CWIS), which legally binds government to long-term funding for cycling and walking.


Given this added responsibility and the complexity of such routes, local authority bosses are likely to face significant dilemmas to deliver a cost-effective service, particularly as most winter vehicles in fleet will struggle to both access and manoeuvre in the confined areas of such routes.

Those vehicles which can access cycle networks then offer problems with their winter maintenance capabilities, particularly their limited grit/de-icer carrying capacities, which would surely lead to extreme vehicle downtime (return to depot and refilling) should bad weather arrive.

Maximising fleet is now at the forefront of local authority thinking with many centring their delivery around an "invest to save" or "more for less" approach and given recent mild winters, solely relying on a winter vehicle to do one particular job is in question. Finding a vehicle capable of de-icing their cycle network when required through winter and utilising through the finer seasons for additional tasks, such as: footway repair schemes, grass cutting, weed control and street sweeping, is sure to offer significant advantages and is likely to offer the most sensible approach moving forward.


Transport for London contractor CVU opted to tackle their added responsibility of a recently constructed 60km section of London's cycle superhighway, adopting a long term approach which would give them confidence that should the worst of winters arrive they will be capable of treating the network with one man and machine in a single pass.

They also have the opportunity to use their vehicle through the finer seasons for flower bed watering, sweeping, grass cutting and tree removal works.

Full CVU case study here

CX footpath de-icing

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