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Multihog- 5 Fascinating Facts

1.) How did the Hog come about?

Designed and manufactured in Dundalk, Ireland, the Multihog was the consequence of an expert engineers annoyance at a poorly cut golf course. Initially tasked to fill a gap in the market for a compact machine capable of carrying out clean cuts on steep terrain ground, the Multihog now boasts in excess of 40 functions. Funnily enough, a Multihog has been tasked with carrying out golf ball collection in one organisation.

Multihog flail mowing 6

2.) Making Multihog UK

Initially set above a North West,local village store, experienced forklift truck salesman Nick Carter & Nick Leadley took up the task of bringing a brand new concept to market in 2010, slap bang in the middle of the recession- smart right? 7 years on it would be remarkably hard not to agree, with the company now well established in the UK and HQ facilities now including offices, engineering workshop and storage space. 


3.) Peeling away the "Untested" tag

As with all innovative products, scepticism is one of the first reactions drawn. 7 years since company launch in excess of 150 Multihog machines are serving the UK's most established organisations, whilst company achievements have been acknowledged through industry awards, external auditing and customer case studies.


4.) "Multihog? I've seen that!" 

Many organisations and individuals will have seen the Multihog in action over the years, however it may come as a surprise to hear that there are now 6 models available. High horse power options are available from 55-120HP, whilst mini models are 1150mm wide. All models keep consistent with the fact they can be used 365 days a year and are road legal (40km/h).

Fleet Shot MH, MX, CX

5.) One Hog fits all

Predominantly utilised by local authorities, airports and maintenance service providers, it has become apparent that one Multihog really can fit all organisations. Over the years the company has accommodated customer demands, whether it be through developing new attachments or offering financial flexibility through short and long term self-drive or operated hires. 
  • First customer: Enterprise Mouchelle
  • Biggest Customer: Gatwick Airport- 24 Machines
  • Most Recent Customer: Clackmannanshire Council 
  • Most Versatile Customer: Aberdeen City Council



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