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Winter Maintenance around the world

As the snow starts to thaw after a very cold start to the week in the UK, we take a look at a snapshot of Multihog customers around the globe...



When Stainz Municipality integrated with five other municipalities, increasing their network to 350km over a 92km² area, they found the Multihog with snow plough and salt spreader could deal with difficult access problem areas most effectively. In addition, the combination of a front mounted mower and rear suction collector for grass added value for 365 utilisation.  



Montreal Airport utilise three Multihog machines to work all-year-round on airside and landside operations from snow ploughing and brushing during winter to watering hanging baskets and flower beds in summer.



Zhengzhou Airport historically used tractors for apron clearance but wanted a more effective and reliable solution to handle the 20 million annual passengers the airport receives. Five Multihog MH models with the bespoke brush and plough combinations and de-mountable de-icing sprayers enable a more effective and efficient three-in-one snow and ice fighting system.

MH90 Yellow with Winter Equipment TNT-Optimized


TNT operations at Liege Airport identify the Multihog as a more cost-effective and efficient option than other equipment for snow clearance and salt spreading around aircraft. The Multihogs offer increased salt spreading capacity and greater safety, comfort and performance overall.



The Municipality of Gefrees in Bavaria utilise their narrow Multihog MX for around 9 miles of snow clearance in addition to mulching, mowing and road repairs throughout the year. The contrast of a compact machine build with powerful hydraulics allows the team to do more with less, more productively than previous equipment.



Dublin Port Tunnel Operations are able to keep the toll plaza fully operational in harsh winter weather through use of the Multihog MH with plough and gritter attachments. The Multihog’s high capacity payload and CAN Bus spreader offered unrivalled efficiency.

EMA 009


With temperatures as low as -20⁰C Bucharest Airport needed a reliable workhorse around the apron, where the larger winter vehicles struggled with access. The Multihog’s manoeuvrability stood out for de-icing passenger air bridges and tow tractor bays.



Montana University deploy two Multihogs for pavement winter maintenance with front mounted plough, snow blower and sander attachments. During summer the machines maintain the 160 acres of turf in addition to general maintenance around site with the fork and bucket attachments.


If you would like to find out more about any of the customers mentioned above or have any questions regarding your own winter maintenance operations then please get in touch.

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