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High Pressure Water Jetter

High Pressure Water Jetter

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  • Variable operating pressure of up to 6670PSI
  • Hydraulically operated retractable 50 meter hose reel
  • Patented controlled jetter rotation for improved performance
  • High capacity rear mounted water tank from 1200litres to 1650litres
  • Various nozzle sizes available for a diverse range of operations, including a jet pump
  • In-cab control and adjustable power rates
  • Front mounted attachment
  • Fewer jets for increased impact
  • Versatile array of jetting applications


  • The road legal Multihog does not require a towing licence, unlike alternative apparatus, keeping costs down whilst improving operator and operational flexibility


  • A combination of power and flexibility enables you to deploy this versatile vehicle for a diverse range of jetting applications for greater usability and cost-effectiveness including de-silting, root cutting, fat removal and descaling in addition to hydro-blasting, excavation and cutting
  • Full control of the pressure output can be selected from within the Multihog cab giving the operator between 500 – 6670 PSI to adapt the velocity to the operational requirement
  • Descaling jets (105° jet ports) can be added to the rotating head to enhance removal of scale from a drain surface
  • The added option of a jet pump, working on the Venturi principle, provides an extremely fast rate of suction for utilisation on operations for waste materials


  • The Multihog high pressure water jetting application is speedy and sustainable because no harmful chemicals are used in the entire process
  • The penetrating procedure also removes residue that accumulates along the sides of pipes reducing the need for cleaning in the future


  • Unlike conventional jetting vehicles, the Multihog and front mounted jetting attachment provides added manoeuvrability in compact areas as a result of the innovative design
  • Minimum disruption is delivered to the network and public as well as helping to reduce traffic management to keep costs down
  • The 50 meter hose reel is flexible enough to negotiate bends but can also be utilised in a straight line for rodding


  • Patented controlled jetter rotation jets evenly to clean the pipe at a controlled and more productive speed than typical jetting devices due to the rear jets, which also scrub the drain
  • The excellent pulling power quickly penetrates deep into drains whilst scrubbing the sides clean, with the added effect of washing the silt and debris back down the channel
  • Carbide wear resistance adds up to 3 times the lifetime of cast iron alternatives, as sand or silt can act as an abrasive agent that aggressively wears out lower quality equipment
  • The power of the jet itself can used to remove graffiti, rubber and oil from surfaces

Multihog UK has a policy of continuous improvement. As such, some features, specifications and information on this site may be subject to change. 

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