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Gully Cleaner

Gully Cleaner



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  • CX 75 collector capacity - 900 litre divided by a fix installed partition wall into: 300 l jetting water/ process chamber, 600 l sludge chamber
  • Emptying - by tipping the tank with the Mulithog engine cover 
  • Boom - installed on the rear top of the tank with hydraulic quick couplings and bolted swivel for quick and easy mounting/dismounting
  • Ideal for sewer cleaning/drain jetting/ gully cleaning 
  • The narrow CX chassis allows for access around narrow areas such as pathways and back alleys


  • Tank sandblasted from inside and coated with impact resistant Eposist SFG marine resin for longevity 


  • Spotlight fitted to the boom 
  • Rear mounted camera with monitor fitted in cab. 
  • Mechanical unloader valve with hand wheel for continuous pressure regulation


  • Reduced downtime - efficient hydraulic controls allow for ease of application
  • Add other Multihog attachments to your machine to increase output and return on investment
  • Road legal machine with a maximum speed of 40km/h increases productivity
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