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High Volume Water Pump

High Volume Water Pump

Multihog Submersible Water Pump

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  • Pumps 5000 litres per minute

  • Single hose 6 inch in diameter as standard

  • Dual pump available (3 inch hoses from front and rear hydraulics)

  • Fully adjustable hydraulic pressure for optimum performance

  • High quality, robust wear resistant steel volute and impeller

  • Cutting impeller for root and weed shredding

  • Comfortable pumping performance from long depths and lengths


  • The hydraulically operated submersible water pump  is capable of shifting 5000 litres per minute ensuring quick, effective and efficient results

  • Durability and performance ensure productive pumping on a range of applications from fine liquids to bulkier slurries

  • Inconsistencies in the liquid, such as roots and weeds, are simply shredded by the robust, high quality, wear resistant steel volute and impeller to guarantee dependable performance


  • This attachment allows you to become proactive and less reactive by adding the pump to your auxiliary arsenal, in addition to the Multihog’s primary applications, to offset the cost of specialist pumping equipment with a reliable, reassuring and cheaper alternative


  • Off-road or on-road, in rural or urban areas, the compact build, articulated design and patented sure-drive 4-wheel drive system of the machine allows you to enter perimeters which are often inaccessible to larger vehicles and pumping units


  • In addition to a single high volume pump, the Multihog can be used as a dual pump with a 3 inch hose powered from the front hydraulics and another powered by the rear linkages to offer simultaneous resilience of 2,500 litres per pump

  • The enhanced accessibility allows the Multihog to rapidly reach the water source to distribute water from the area to larger pumping units, if required, as a supportive cog in the wheel

Whilst primarily utilising the Multihog for its road planing, stump grinding and winter maintenance duties the Council has also invested in the dual high volume pump in order to provide extra resource at minimum cost.

Aberdeen City Council

Developed in collaboration with industry experts, this attachment offers of a cost-effective alternative to specialist equipment. Tests conducted reveal the Multihog can pump 5000 litres per minute and is capable of pumping from a depth of 12 meters using the 6 inch hose.

Fire and Rescue Service

Multihog UK has a policy of continuous improvement. As such, some features, specifications and information on this site may be subject to change.

Photography of French Drain Harrow

French Drain Harrow

Front demountable Multihog attachment designed to minimise surface water build up. The…
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