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Multihog yellow sweeper collector down

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  • 2300mm wide brush

  • 430 litre  collector bucket

  • 660mm diameter brush

  • Rotary side brush

  • 200 litre capacity integrated water tank

  • Water spray system for dust suppression and increased cleansing

  • Roller levelling system allows for an effective finish

  • Variable sweeping power for longer life and accuracy

  • Winterisation from road sweeper to snow brush

  • Swivelling mechanism for greater precision and angled brushing


  • Cost-effective winterisation is easily achieved by removing the bucket of the sweeper attachment and using it as an effective snow brush for increased versatility

  • The variable hydraulic power setting permits the operator to accurately set the brush according to the exact requirements of the task in hand - from light sweeping to more heavy duty operations

  • Brushing can be angled left or right as a result of the swivelling mechanism when the collector is in the raised position. This is in addition to standard sweeping practices with the bucket lowered for dirt collection, in effect giving two options with one attachment.

  • Hydraulically operated polypropylene side brush enables the cleaning of gullies with the option of steel wire bristles for weed removal and for cleaning the side of kerb stones


  • Longer brush life is supported by the Multihog’s adjustable power settings which enable the driver to accurately set the pace of the operation

  • The roller levelling system allows the sweeper unit to follow the contours of the ground surface for an effective sweep

  • The integral water spray system feeds water directly onto the brush in order to suppress dust and improve the overall sweeping effectiveness whilst preserving the lifespan of the brush itself

Multihog UK has a policy of continuous improvement. As such, some features, specifications and information on this site may be subject to change. 

Photography of Road Sweeper

Road Sweeper

The Multihog's de-mountable suction sweeper attachment sits on the rear of the…
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