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Stump Grinder

Stump Grinder



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  • Front mounted stump grinder

  • 1800mm² extending power arm working area

  • 530mm cutting wheel diameter

  • 940mm cutting arc retracted

  • 1250mm cutting arc extended

  • 1000mm above ground reach

  • 600mm below ground reach

  • 645mm extending arm

  • Insulated cab assures maximum safety

  • HAVS eliminated as a result of in cab joystick control

  • 16 long lasting heavy duty cutting teeth

  • Ease of maintenance

  • British Built


  • The cutting wheel is designed for easy maintenance and the quick and straightforward rare replacement of the long lasting heavy duty teeth keeps your costs and downtime to a minimum


  • The extending arm allows the operator to cover a large 1800mm² working area without the need to reposition the Multihog. This allows for a more efficient and productive operation, covering more area in less time, without difficulty

  • The Multihog’s power source delivers an increased torque for a quicker and more effective grinding operation

  • Built in Britain the heavy duty stump grinder attachment offers unparalleled performance, durability, speed, control and comfort to complement the Multihog’s powerful hydraulics


  • The compact build and articulated design enables the Multihog to weave through woodland, avoiding obstacles such as trees, in order to access stumps in difficult to reach locations


  • All the functions of the stump grinder are controlled from within the Multihog’s sound insulated cab via the joystick control, eliminating any risk of hand arm vibration, allowing the operator to continue working all day long

  • The extending arm enables the Multihog to finish most jobs without moving, resulting in  improved site safety

In addition to benefiting from road planing and winter resilience, the Council also incurred significant savings by adding a stump grinder attachment to its existing Multihog fleet when its old single-purpose stump grinder needed replacing. 

West Lothian Council

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