MultEvo Ltd / The Multihog multi-purpose utility vehicle can be used all year round for highway, winter, street cleaning, horticultural maintenance tasks
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Horticultural maintenance

Photography of Barrier Mower

Barrier Mower

The Multihog front demountable barrier mower attachment, designed to work around guard…
Photography of Cylinder Mower

Cylinder Mower

Front mounted 7 gang cylinder mower ,with inde­pen­dently controlled mowing units which can…
Photography of Demountable Hot Water Weed Killer

Demountable Hot Water Weed Killer

This de-mountable attachment carries out weed control through the use of hot water in combination…
Photography of Fixed Front Mounted Flail Arm

Fixed Front Mounted Flail Arm

A heavy duty steel fabricated flail arm ideal for cutting grass, hedge rows, bushes and pruning's.
Photography of Flail Deck Mower

Flail Deck Mower

The heavy duty front mounted mulcher/­flail deck comes in a variety of cutting widths up to 2…
Photography of Front Mounted 4000mm Flail Arm

Front Mounted 4000mm Flail Arm

Verge mowing and hedge cutting is now a lot safer, quicker and more comfortable thanks…
Photography of Front Mounted 5000mm Flail Arm

Front Mounted 5000mm Flail Arm

The Multihog's front mounted verge mower attachment offers increased reach and flexibility…
Photography of Grip Cutter

Grip Cutter

The Multihog front facing Grip Cutter attachment capable of being mounted onto a flail arm up…
Photography of Mulcher


This high performance mulcher attachment powered by the Multihog is fast and formidable…
Photography of 2400mm Rotary Mower

2400mm Rotary Mower

The 2400mm wide front mounted rotary mower features an innovative four point pivot system…
Photography of 3400mm Rotary Mower

3400mm Rotary Mower

This 3.4m wide rotary mower covers a large area in a short time span and allows for…
Photography of Automated Hot Water Weed Killer

Automated Hot Water Weed Killer

The Multihog and Waterkracht ­method kills both plants and roots for effective results…
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