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Rotary Mower & Suction Unit Combination

Rotary Mower & Suction Unit Combination

stoll mower side view

stoll mower side viewstoll mower side view 2

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  • 1800mm working width
  • Easily height adjusted without the need for specialised tools, with adjustments of 30-120mm
  • Compact mower deck with deep-set mower housing
  • 3 Strong blades which can be simply interchanged
  • Can work in conjuction with a rear mounted suction unit allowing grass to be cut & collected more effectively
  • Eco-Mulch operation available


  • The front mounted setup allows the machine to effectively mow the grass before coming into contact with the machine’s wheels for faster and cleaner cut

  • The composition of the blades with large overlap ensures an excellent mowing result and a clean, consistent cut

  • Eco-Mulching with specialised blades available to grind, pulverise and quickly decompose the grass


  • Whatever size of rotary mower, mowing applications are fast and effective as a result of the superior drive and powerful hydraulics which guarantee a quality finish

  • The 1800mm rotary mower features an innovative four wheel system with a deep-set mower that ensures constant contact with the undulating ground for a high quality cut. As such, the cutting height can also be adjusted from 30mm to 120mm

  • Ideal for operation in conjunction with suction, ensuring uninterrupted grass flow and collection


  • Mowing is made easy on steep and uneven surfaces due to the Multihog’s low centre of gravity and advanced ‘sure drive’ offering advanced stability


  • Eco-Mulching with patented special blades available which can quickly grind, pulverise and decompose the cut grass
  • Reduced water requirements through eco-mulching


  • This front mounted attachment allows the operator to look ahead in the same direction as travel for improved performance and safety

  • Simple height adjustments, automatic belt tensioners and centralised grease points reduces costs and downtime whilst ensuring safer operations


  • The rotary mower is suitable for a diverse range of grass mowing operations and is suitable for garden, landscaping and municpal operation, with the robus build and special blades allowing for superior cutting results.

  • Easily height adjusted without the need for tools

Multihog UK has a policy of continuous improvement. As such, some features, specifications and information on this site may be subject to change. 


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