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Barrier Mower

Barrier Mower

Barrier Mower 3

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  • Cutting reach of 2500mm

  • Front mounted attachment for increased visibility
  • Additional rear sign attachment available for enhanced safety

  • Application Mowing of guard rails, reflexion posts and traffic signs
  • Undercutting height approximately 180 mm
  • 2mph travel speed whilst cutting


  • Clearance of the carriageway on long stretches can be achieved with one machine and one operative for increased performance at minimum cost

  • The barrier mower can automatically measure the distance to the barrier and the ground contour through integrated sensors for consistent cutting performance

  • The quick reflex mower embraces obstacles with two hydraulically controlled arms with mower discs

  • Complete with a front deck mower capable of verge mowing


  • Operations are greener than conventional methods as one machine replaces several vehicles, machines and tools to substantially reduce your carbon footprint


  • No other products are required for mowing so additional costs are reduced, whilst other mowing alternatives involve increased costs on machinery and labour

  • The Multihog is able to work close to the barrier which reduces your traffic management expenditure

  • In addition to barrier mowing the Multihog can also be deployed for a range of other mowing applications to increase additional savings on surplus fleet expenditure


  • The front mounted barrier mower offers unrivalled visibility in comparison to side or rear mounted attachments found on traditional tractor vehicles

  • Hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is eliminated as there is no requirement for additional hand held mowing machines

  • The driver is protected from noise and threat of collision within the safety of the durable Multihog cab so risk and exposure to danger is substantially reduced

  • Additional safety is assured with the aid of the rear mounted customisable high visibility sig


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