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Grip Cutter

Grip Cutter

Grip cutter attachment

Grip cutter attachmentGrip Cutter in OxfordshireGrip Cutter - working on main roadsgrip cutter on MultihogGrip Cutter on 5m Flail ArmGrip Cutter on 5m Flail Arm- Skanska Ox 2Grip cutter - working in LondonGrip cutter on 5m flail arm

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  • 500mm Grip Cutting head

  • Ability to fit onto a flail arm attachment up to 5 metres

  • Toughened steel discharge deflectors which can be adjusted to fit left or right

  • 3 leading cutter blades and 6 adjustable pairs of scraper blades all constructed out of hardened steel

  • Opportunity to direct discharge material left or right 

  • Front facing attachment offering excellent visibility

  • The full operation is in-cab controlled

  • Ability to fit a rear 7403 sign to the rear of the Multihog whilst carrying out grip cutting works


  • Opportunity to operate with a rear 7403 safety sign, significantly offsetting support vehicle costs associated with carrying out mobile works

  • Given the Multihog's compact size compared with traditional tractors, less road space is taken whilst carrying out works, minimising network disruption

  • Ability to interchange the grip cutting head for a ditching, flail or hedgecutting head, maximising the flail arm and attachments versatility


  • This high performance attachment powered by the Multihog is a fast and formidable heavy duty cutting machine with ability to tackle wet and dry material

  • Comfortable operation for the operator with no issues with having to continually turn his neck to see where he is cutting and no risk of repetitive strain injury common with rear facing cutting equipment.


  • The low centre of gravity, articulated design and advanced ‘sure drive’ system provides the perfect platform for cutting on a range of surfaces

  • Opportunity to side shift the flail arm along the front carriage offering extra coverage to difficult to reach areas


  • The front mounted attachment allows the operator to look ahead, in the same direction of travel, unlike rear mounted cutting equipment which forces drivers to look over their shoulder whilst moving forward

  • Primary and secondary toughened steel deflectors and opportunity to adjust discharge left or right, along with the ability to add extra discharge protectors

  • Ability to operate with a rear 7403 safety sign

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