MultEvo Ltd / The Multihog multi-purpose utility vehicle can be used all year round for highway, winter, street cleaning, horticultural maintenance tasks
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  • Front mounted mulcher

  • 2000mm mulching width (variable sizes available)

  • Side shifting mechanism for increased control

  • Dual tyres available for extra support on extreme slopes

  • Hydraulic hood and adjustable skids as standard

  • In-cab controlled hydraullic pressure gauge

  • Heavy duty pushing frame


  • This high performance attachment powered by the Multihog is fast and formidable, ideal for dense grass, bushes, brushwood, scrub, land reclamation, intensive vegetation control and removal of dead plants/trees


  • The low centre of gravity, articulated design and advanced ‘sure drive’ system provides the perfect platform for mowing on a range of surfaces from flat fields to roadside verges as well as steep banks and uneven areas

  • Mowing manoeuvrability is enhanced as a result of the integrated and hydraulically operated side shift which guarantees unrivalled cutting accuracy when negotiating tight obstacles like trees, bushes or signposts


  • The front mounted attachment allows the operator to look ahead, in the same direction of travel, unlike rear mounted cutting equipment which forces drivers to look over their shoulder whilst moving forward

  • The operation is all in-cab controlled from within the 360 degree visibility, air conditioned cab


Multihog UK has a policy of continuous improvement. As such, some features, specifications and information on this site may be subject to change. 

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