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Automated Hot Water Weed Killer

Automated Hot Water Weed Killer

Automated Weed Control

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  • Automated, 100% hot water weed control
  • 1200-1600mm working width
  • 98 degree celsius working hot water temperature
  • 10 M hose and lance
  • High capacity water tank from 800-1650 litres available
  • Annual treatment frequency is just 2.5 times on average
  • 100% water, no additives bar lime binder (saves costs)
  • Variable working speeds according to operation
  • Environmentally friendly, efficient, effective and durable
  • Low energy consumption 


  • Hot water can transmit nearly 30 times more energy relative to hot air or steam. By combining this with the Waterkracht auto-detect precision energy and water consumption is most efficient
  • The Multihog and Waterkracht method kills both plants and roots for effective results in contrast to chemical spraying where resistant weeds may survive, or to mechanical methods with fast regrowth


  • The compact and articulated design of the Multihog allows access to difficult to reach areas such as parks and city centres, with the handheld lance offering advanced retouch where required


  • The combination of the Multihog and Waterkracht hot water weed killer can be utilised on all surfaces unlike other alternatives to provide you with a flexible, hassle-free and productive operation


  • Hot water is arguably the most efficient and environmentally friendly method for tackling troublesome weeds. Unlike harmful chemical spraying methods, it is also one of the quietest methods, further reducing impact
  • Whereas strict legislation surrounds the use of chemical products, and mechanical methods may create large amounts of dust, the hot water sprayer is entirely effective and hassle free


  • There is no damage to the pavement, street furniture or private property so the cost and time incurred with unsafe alternative practices is eliminated. No clothing or hearing protection is required

“We are an innovative operation and one which makes careful use of our expenditure. Thanks to Multihog’s favourably priced range of attachments we can enhance our remit in future if required to include applications such as patch planing in car parks, the removal of rubber deposits on the runway and weed killing.”

Andy Wallace, Senior Airside Operations Manager, Newcastle International Airport

Multihog UK has a policy of continuous improvement. As such, some features, specifications and information on this site may be subject to change. 

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