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Multihog CX

Multihog CX

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Multihog CX Series

The Multihog CX is the latest model of Multihogs that has been designed to rival ride-on mower, compact tractor, sweeper and mini road planer vehicles, offering unrivalled versatility and efficiency, with 55 HP & 75 HP models available.

The CX is a compact and robust, road legal, hydraulically operated and articulated machine which accepts a diverse range of attachments to the front and rear, from road, drainage, pumping, cleansing, horticultural, forestry and winter maintenance applications.

Consistent with original Multihog MH & MX models, the CX has a travel speed of 40km/hr, enabling it to self-propel to site increasing productivity and efficiency of maintenance programmes.

Customers can fit their existing 3PL mounted attachments as well as Multihogs own high output attachments, increasing the machines adaptability.

Each Multihog attachment can be mounted and demounted within a couple of minutes by a single operator, eliminating the need for mechanical expertise, with every attachment designed to outperform other single purpose plant and competitors.

Width as narrow as 1150mm, ideal for working on footpaths and cycleways particularly when carrying out winter maintenance services.

Mini and manoeuvrable

The Multihog CX range offers enhanced manoeuvrability around obstacles, aeroplane wings as well as on pathways and in narrow urban areas as a result of its compact build and low height from 1975mm and width from as narrow 1150mm.

Same track pivot steer provides operators with the confidence that if the front of the machine manages to clear a particular area the rear of the unit will follow the same path and also clear.

Low centre of gravity stabilises the Multihog on steep slopes, uneven surfaces and banks as the majority of the machine's components are below the driver's waist height

Green and efficient

Compliant with latest European emissions standards, the Multihog CX range offers models which are fitted with 55HP or 75HP Tier IV final engine, the highest standard available.

Ability to self-propel eliminates the number of support vehicles required on site, whilst the CX is also capable of towing 3500kg, effectively meaning the single machine could tow a range of attachments to site and carry out a number of duties in a particular area including: chemical free weed control, mowing, hedgecutting etc, eliminating repeat visits to the same area and reduced vehicles required on site.

The Multihog CX is also capable of running on red diesel.

Adaptable and powerful

In addition to the versatile range of attachments available for the Multihog, each model is tailored as a bespoke solution to your operational requirements by selecting from 55 HP or 75HP engine sizes. Post compensated proportional hydraulic control allows accurate movement of all hydraulic functions for maximum performance and efficiency. 100 litres per minute hydraulic flow rivals larger tractors.

Unlike original Multihog models, the CX range are capable of being fitted with hydraulic feed, bespoke, Multihog attachments as well as mechanical PTO, 3-point linkage attachments, increasing the unit's adaptability and cost-effectiveness with ability to be fitted with already owned equipment.

Safe and secure

Enhanced driver ergonomics with fingertip control and high visibility for increased control and operator safety. The Multihog offers 360º visibility and improves driver performance and safety. Negligible operator exposure levels for whole body vibration allows for unrestricted and safe application. The majority of attachments are front mounted for enhanced visibility, safety and control.


All that is required to drive the road legal Multihog on the highway is a UK DVLA driving licence. Multifunctional joystick for increased ease and control of applications with one-hand. Thanks to the advantages of utilising the same machine for several tasks safety and performance are increased as a result of improved operator familiarity.

Multihog CX Range

Length 3280-3750mm Wheel Base 1700mm Max Rear Axle Weight 2500kg
Width 1150-1550mm Unladen Weight 1950-2300kg Gross Vehicle Weight 3500kg
Height 1980-2115mm Max Front Axle Weigh 2300kg Turning Circle 5180-5580mm
Manufacturer Kohler        
Power 56 HP or 76 HP        
Emissions Tier 4 final        
Drive Permanent 4 wheel hydrostatic drive      

3 Speed heavy duty hydrostatic drive with work and automotive modes:

1st speed: 0-21 km/h

2nd speed: 0-28 km/h

3rd speed: 0-40 km/h

Drive Controls

Fully automotive control for nomal drive.

Fixed engine speed and variable travel speed in working mode.


Parking Brake


Dynamic Brake

Multidisc parking break on front wheels, automatically engages when driver is not in seat.

Hydraulic disc brakes on front wheels

Load Sensing PTO Hydraulics Fully adjustable        
Hydraulic Front PTO Flow: 80 ltrs/min        
Rear PTO Hydraulics Flow: 30 ltrs/min        
Adjustable front and rear flow rate available          
Road  Lights                         Radio / CD / Aux        
LED Work Lights Tow bar and trailer socket        
Flashing Beacons LED - flashing warning lights        
Rear View Mirrors Multifunction joystick for hydraulic controls        
Air Suspension Driver’s Seat Air conditioning        
Adjustable Steering Column 12v electrical socket        
Steering Type Hydrostatic pivot power steering        

Continental all ground

Corporate colour scheme          
Reversing camera with in-cab colour monitor          

Tow bar


Multihog have a policy of continuous improvement. These specifications may change without prior notice

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