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600mm Patch Planer

600mm Patch Planer



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  • 600mm milling drum width

  • Up to 125mm planing depth

  • Capable of operating in conjunction with the rear demountable Suction Sweeper, allowing a single operator the ability to plane a defect, sweep the planings created, tip and move to the next site

  • Hydraulic rams allow the driver to set the depth, alter the tilt function and operate the side shift from inside the comfort of the air conditioned cab

  • Side shifting carriage allows the planer head to work against the kerb or walls

  • Rotating planer head enables the operator to keep the planer level, even when the Multihog is working on an incline

  • Steel-tipped picks permit a 10mm lacing pattern across the 600mm width cut

  • The cutting picks rotate in their fittings to allow even wear and promote a sharpening effect whilst you work

  • Planer can also be used for re-texturing of concrete or asphalt

  • Capable of planing hot rolled asphalt, roads and pavements

  • Optional rear mounted water bowser for dust suppression

  • Only capable of operating on the Multihog MX range


  • The road legal Multihog and front mounted road planer can travel on the highway directly to site, towing additional attachments if necessary, keeping transportation costs to a minimum and improving overall operational efficiency

  • The Multihog only requires the operator to hold a valid UK license, therefore no specialist training is required

  • The 4 wheel hydrostatic drive prevents skidding and wheel spinning, preserving the vehicles tyres in the process

  • The Multihog's side shifting carriage allows the planer to operate against areas whereby other units would be restricted i.e. kerbs/walls, whilst also allowing the unit to plane around ironworks.


  • The 600mm Patch Planer is capable of operating alongside the rear demountable Suction Sweeper, significantly reducing the number of vehicles required on site and enhancing the efficiency of a permanent, fix first time, repair

  • The weight of the Multihog unit and heavy duty planer head attachment coupled with the powerful hydraulics of the machine eliminates any bounce for a quick and consistent milling finish

  • Traffic management is minimised as a result of improved planing productivity allowing for less time on site for decreased disruption. Faster operations enable you to take advantage of the Multihog’s versatility to tackle other maintenance applications

  • The steadiness of the planing finish eliminates any surplus infill costs as you only remove the exact depth as set within the cab. Ineffective alternatives like backhoe loader peckers or other planing machines often remove more than required, incurring extra and unnecessary cost


  • Because the Multihog is road legal, powerful and productive the entire planing process is improved and more cost-effective in comparison to traditional methods

  • The Multihog method can decrease the average cost per pothole significantly, saving our customers 30% per repair on average, whilst the permanence of repair ensures no return visit

  • Multihog customers, which employ the machine on a long term basis for road maintenance, benefit from a decline in compensation claims and increased public satisfaction as a result of an improvement in the state of the road network


  • Time and cost is reduced due to the precision and consistency of the planer by accurately removing the required set depth as controlled from inside the cab

  • Planing precision ensures less requirement for infill and less leftover waste product which allows for savings to be made on reinstatement and transportation of removed asphalt

  • Most left over planing material is recyclable type one granular product, ideal for reuse on sub bases and pathways etc. which incurs further savings and potential for income generation opportunities making the entire operation cheaper and greener


  • Ideal for tackling hot rolled asphalt, standard patches and defects as well as working on pavements, curb replacements, speed bumps and around iron works

  • The Multihog can be utilised for reactive and planned works; in effect allowing you to tackle 2 types of repairs in 1 whilst producing the same permanent results

  • The advanced productivity of road the planer enables you to utilise the Multihog for small defects and potholes as well as on larger operations to maximise value


  • Hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is eliminated for substantial safety benefits in addition to removing the requirement for saw tools to refine edges

  • 360° visibility from inside the cab for increased driver performance and control

  • Optional rear mounted water bowser feeds liquid to the planer head and picks to eliminate dust and preserve the lifespan of the planer’s teeth to incur savings

"The MX with patch planer is ideal for front line highway maintenance teams who need one machine that can cope with a range of road surfaces, including HRA. The planer goes through road surfaces like the proverbial hot knife through butter, with ability to be used for large carriageway patches, potholes & footways"

Paul Vaughan,Team Manager,Dudley MBC

“The performance of the Multihog’s planer also amazed even our most experienced people when we trialled it” 

Gerry Kennedy, Amey Roads North Lanarkshire

“Health and safety concerns over the traditional permanent repair method causing ‘white finger’ had stopped us doing permanent repairs. So in order to carry out permanent repairs in an acceptable way, our highways team took delivery of a Multihog.” 

Stephen Finley, Principal Engineer, Rotherham MBC

Multihog UK has a policy of continuous improvement. As such, some features, specifications and information on this site may be subject to change.

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