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Brush Bucket Lifter

Brush Bucket Lifter


DSC_4788DSC_4790_DSC4768_DSC4777_DSC4778The Multihog's brush bucket lifter application sweeping the road planings after utilising the machine's road planer attachmentThe brush bucket lifter can be used for sweeping up asphalt planings and also transport then into a wagon or other vehicleThe Multihog utilising the brush bucket lifter attachment to sweep the planed road surface after using the patch planer applicationThe swept road surface after the brush bucket applicationThe brush bucket lifter application preparing to unload road planings into a waiting wagonThe Multihog's brush bucket lifter application about to discharge asphalt waste into a waiting wagonThe brush bucket lifter attachment can reduce the need for addition sweeping vehiclesThe Multihog offloading road planings into the back of a wagon after previously utilising the patch planer attachment on siteThe Multihog with a full bucket after sweeping, ready to unloadThe Multihog with raised bucket approaching a vehicle The Multihog ready to discharge waste asphalt product into vehicleThe brush bucket lifter application offloading the road planings into a vehicle

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  • Lifting height of 2300mm

  • 1200mm nominal brush width

  • 350kgs bucket capacity

  • Adjustable brush

  • Optional rear mounted water bowser for dust suppression

  • British built


  • The Multihog brush bucket lifter attachment can effectively replace the requirement and cost associated with specialist sweeper machines on typical planing operations

  • Further expense is reduced as a result of a reduction in maintenance, fuelling and labour costs whilst overall operational time is also minimised


  • The quick process of changing attachments enables the same operator to switch from road planer to sweeper within a couple of minutes

  • This method for sweeping, combined with the productivity of the Multihog planer produces incredibly quick results for minimal disruption to the public and network


  • An optional rear bowser feeds water to the front mounted attachment, eliminating any dust issues whilst brushing and also preserving the quality of the bristles for an enhanced lifespan

Multihog UK has a policy of continuous improvement. As such, some features, specifications and information on this site may be subject to change.

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