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Street/Compact Sweeper

Street/Compact Sweeper

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MX Sweeper Features

  • 1.5m³ capacity stainless steel hopper
  • Hand-held vacuum wander hose facility with a length of 3800mm
  • 200-400 litre water tank
  • Hydraulic waste tipping action with a dumping height of 1700mm
  • Hydraulic rear side-shifting vacuum
  • 900mm sweeper brush diameter with optimal rotating speed of 60-100 rpm
  • Optimal sweeping width of 2000mm (maximum 2500mm) with fine mist spray option
  • Operating speed of 0-10km/h
  • Rear view camera with in-cab monitor
  • De-mountable rear unit
  • Front mounted brushes

CX Sweeper Features

  • Sweeping width of 1800mm - 2750mm with 2 or 3 brush options
  • Sweeping speed of 1-3km
  • 100 litre water tank
  • Adjustable rotating speed of 30-70 rpm
  • Optional 6m external suction hose
  • Silent turbine with high airflow, hydraulic operation and high tip emptying
  • Maximum dumper height of 2000mm


  • This de-mountable attachment transforms the Multihog into a competent compact sweeper with low cost ownership
  • The front sweeping brushes and vacuum can be easily dismantled from the rest of the sweeper unit allowing the Multihog to be used with just the wander-hose vacuum facility if required to reach very compact areas according to your day-to-day operational requirements


  • This attachment allows you to replace several vehicles with just one Multihog and operator to incur substantial cost-savings in comparison to traditional operational setup
  • Because the road legal Multihog can drive to site with an attachment on the front and rear as well as towing an additional trailer with other attachments the machine can tackle several tasks in a single day to get the job done as cost-effectively as possible
  • EUnited PM10-Testing Accreditation, acknowledged as the European reference for the performance of road sweepers with regard to dust particles and illustrates Multihog's desire to support municipialities in their fight for clean air 


  • Unlike anything else on the market, the Multihog can instantly operate two attachments one after the other for increased operational performance
  • The same machine can be operated as a compact sweeper and for many other applications within the same day (see our range of attachments)
  • As soon as the 1.5m³ hopper is full the operator can hydraulically tip the waste material into a standard 7.5 tonne vehicle, in a safe area or even drive to site to dispose of the waste itself


  • The compact and articulated body of the Multihog allows increased suction sweeping accessibility in narrow urban areas such as cycle and pathways in addition to city centre environments as well as in residential areas and on the highway

If you have a question about this innovative attachment or want to see this innovation in action just give us a call on 01254 703212

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