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French Drain Harrow

French Drain Harrow


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  • 810mm vibratory head (approx.)

  • Side shifting carriage allows the vibratory head to work in different positions

  • Vibratory head unit rotates forward and up to reduce ploughing pressure loosening fine material

  • Vibratory unit with 2500 rpm

  • Attachment regenerating depth of 180mm

  • Ability to add or remove additional tines dependent on width required
  • 560kg attachment weight

  • Helps reduce surface water build up, minimising risk of flooding and potential network disruption

  • Eliminates expensive excavator costs and reduces traffic management requirements


  • The French Drain Harrow uses vibrations to lift and loosen material built up within the stones of a french drain, with the attachment designed in such a way that the Multihog is able to plough through the drain with minimal effort

  • Ability to interchange widths by adding or removing additional tines to the attachment, with easily interchangeable tine angling allowing alterations to the way material is worked

  • Rear hoe tine design ensures a flat surface is left

  • Reduced costs associated with full scale cleaning or excavator clear up operation, minimising disruption to the network in the process


  • In-cab controlled operation with the operator aided with 360-degree visibility

  • Tines designed in a manner which allows them to shear in the event of high impact with unexpected objects ensuring damge to the machine is eliminated




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