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Fine Milling Planer

Fine Milling Planer

Surface & line removal planer picks for web

Surface & line removal planer picks for webSurface & Line removal planer 2Surface & Line removal planerSurface & Line removal planer airports

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  • 400mm fine milling drum width (variable sizes available recommended up to 800mm)

  • Removes damaged surfaces, paint lines, rubber and can also re-texture

  • Quick manual surface level adjustment facility

  • Precise adjustments of 0.25mm increments for unrivalled accuracy

  • 2.5mm lacing pattern

  • Optional taper edge units to suit operational requirements

  • 6 drum wheels with centre line sensing on 4 for increased surface control

  • Up cutting drum rotation

  • British built


  • The Multihog’s fine milling planer can be used for general surface removal tasks in addition to paint line removal and surface re-texturing to bring back skid resistance

  • Adaptability is ensured as fine milling can be undertaken in most weather conditions to enable work on a range of tasks, from road and pavements to urban environments such as town centres and airports

  • Fine milling is a great additional accessory for removing painted lines, rubber and oil in addition to the Multihog’s core maintenance tasks


  • Reduces the need for complete re-installation or resurfacing of old road surfaces by rejuvenating existing road assets which removes the need for expensive and time consuming operations


  • Surface removing and re-texturing is environmentally friendly as it does not require any additional resource or material throughout the process as it is effectively recycling and extending the life of existing surfaces

Multihog UK has a policy of continuous improvement. As such, some features, specifications and information on this site may be subject to change. 

Photography of 400mm Patch Planer

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