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Weed Brush

Weed Brush

CX weed brush

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  • 900mm weed brush diameter

  • 450mm blade diameter

  • 260kg attachment weight

  • 2300mm wide brush

  • Hydraulically adjustable brush arm can be moved into different positions/directions

  • Blade arm features hydraulic pressure-regulated valves

  • Hydraulically adjustable blade height and width
  • Very low noise level.


  • Efficient operation ensured, with attachment rotation and swivel functions all in-cab controlled, with this ease of configuration improving the number of meters that can be brushed and cut each day.
  • Because the brush and blade can be configured from inside the cabin, the machine is able to trim most grass verges and brush most surfaces, with opportunity to fully withdraw the blade allowing only brushing to be carried out
  • Longer brush life is supported by the Multihog’s adjustable power settings which enable the driver to accurately set the pace of the operation
  • Multi-purpose machine can be used for a range of other maintenance duties when not required for weed brushing


  • Unlike many weed control machines, the Weed Brush doesn't use toxic substances to treat weeds, allowing safe and sustainable weed control to be carried out, with brush diameter used ensuring surface damage is minimised
  • Opportunity to arrive on site with Weed Brush and additional attachments, minimising repeat visits to particular sites and the number of vehicles required on site


  • Ease of adjustment to the height and width of the trimming arm
  • Pressure-regulated valves prevent the blade from moving into unwanted positions, with the blade also featuring two accumulators that allow the blade to deviate if excessive pressure is encountered
  • 360-degree operator visibility at all times from within the comfortable ROPS tested cab

Contract hire packages available including full maintenance/servicing. Interested to hear more? Call 01254 703212

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