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Box Plough

Box Plough

Multihog snow plough scoop position

Multihog snow plough scoop positionMultihog snow plough scoop positioningTotal extended snow plough positioningFully extended snow plough positioning LQMultihog rear de-icer sprayer and front mounted box plough position LQphoto 4 LQ

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  • Box plough working width 2438mm-3048mm (blade position eg: |___| )
  • Scoop plough working width 3230mm-3924mm (scoop position eg: \___/, \___| )
  • Total extendable working width 3962mm-4876mm (extended position eg: __ ___ __ )
  • 760mm-914mm side wing width (each)
  • 180° hydraulically adjustable side wing blades
  • Double action hydraulics for blade angling
  • 3 adjustable crossover relief valves for hydraulic protection on the side wings and plough angling system
  • Heavy duty CHT400 steel side wings
  • Multi-section mechanical CHT400 steel trip edge
  • Welded wear plate to skid shoes on the side wings
  • Lateral floating of blade
  • Optional carbide cutting edge
  • Self-levelling skid shoes on side wings
  • Adjustable angling of the blade
  • Baked powder paint
  • Hydraulically controlled from within the cab
  • Unique quick release hook up to Multihog


  • The Multihog flexi plough’s unique 180° swivel system can narrow, angle or extend to produce a series of ploughing dimensions for almost all possible snow clearance applications – without the need to invest in additional vehicles or attachments
  • The box plough position allows the driver to remove a serious amount of snow in one swift swoop, clearing whilst carrying the snow to later dispense in a controlled area preventing the typical build-up of residue associated with standard plough clearance
  • Reversing the side wings position of the box plough setup simply switches the application from harnessing the cleared snow to a typical snow ploughing function
  • In-cab adjustability of the side wing angles enables the Multihog operator to perform a series of scooping motions to off-set snow in safe areas whilst maintaining clearance in a range of narrow or busy environments around vehicles and objects
  • Whilst the compact Multihog and box plough positioning of the box plough attachment enables clearance in difficult to reach areas, quick and easy in-cab angling of the side wings enables extension of the total plough working width to maximise clearance in open areas
  • Articulation of the machine increases manoeuvrability, whether weaving around aeroplanes on the apron or street furniture in the city centre, to deliver an effective snow clearance service


  • Winterisation is a simple 2 minute task, due to the quick release mechanism for changing attachments which provides instant resilience as quickly as the weather changes
  • Durability decreases downtime as a result of the robust build of the box plough from the welded wear plate to the self-levelling skid shoes on the side wings, lateral floating of the blade and optional curb runners to minimise risk of damage


  • Unrivalled manoeuvrability is equally measured by the Multihog’s simple in-cab hydraulic controls balancing operational effectiveness with safety and precision
  • The 3 adjustable crossover relief valves provides hydraulic protection on the side wings and power angle system
  • In-cab control eradicates the need for manual handling whilst the operator is positioned in close proximity to the plough for greater visibility unlike traditional tractor outfits

Our innovative box plough is at the forefront of snow clearance applications so please get in touch if you have any questions - you can call us on 01254 703212

Multihog UK has a policy of continuous improvement. As such, some features, specifications and information on this site may be subject to change. 

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